Learn How to Create a Gamepass in Roblox – Step by Step Guide

Are you a Roblox developer looking to enhance your game and engage your players?

Gamepasses in Roblox are a great way to monetize your game, improve gameplay, and reward your players.

In this article, we’ll explore what gamepasses are, why you should create them, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to make and add a gamepass to your game.

We’ll also share some tips on how to successfully promote and manage your gamepass. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Gamepass in Roblox?

A game pass is a purchasable item from a special seller that is added to a Roblox game and grants the player specific abilities associated with the pass. The player then potentially pays for this pass with earned in-game money called Robux. There are several different types of game passes in Roblox, each granting different abilities flagged in the Interface (API). Game pass attributes can be as simple as custom gear, special roles, or private servers, to complex interactions between elements of the game world.

Game passes are available for most Roblox games, are typically represented as icons of their perks, and are included in the Roblox web marketplace. The passes include written and visual descriptions of the passes, along with their in-game costs (in Robux, the official Roblox currency), as is illustrated below with an example of a game pass for the game Nonetheless. Game passes are set up by developers using the Roblox web platform, for example with this guide. Once a game pass is set up, it is inserted into a Roblox game using Roblox Studio as was done by the developers of the game Piggy, as illustrated below.

Why Create a Gamepass in Roblox?

A gamepass in Roblox helps developers monetize the game, include special features such as double jump, prior entry code, weapons, pets, maps, etc. which users pay for in Robux, or refund Robux in exchange for their purchase of Roblox in an excellent game design feature.

By paying real-life money to purchase Robux on the Roblox platform, game passes can provide individuals with real value. A game pass can provide a safe environment and sense of belonging to develop their identity and appreciate themselves in Roblox. A game pass can be used to draw money for the Roblox career of a developer by driving development by improving or delivering a game as they are rewarded by the user.


Talented developers and creators of Roblox games who have the required expertise and who have at least one trusted team member who can consistently contribute to their game can apply for Roblox Gamepasses. They then fill out an application form which can be found on the Lua Learning website. Once meeting the requirements and being approved, the Roblox Gamepasses platform gives developers tools to design and sell enhanced game features such as items, abilities, and currency perks. They get to decide whether the game pass is a one-time purchase or is a product with reoccurring revenue, and they get to set the price if ranging from 50 to 1000 Robux. They will then receive up to 70% of the revenue generated.

Enhancing Gameplay

Gamepass can help enhance the gameplay experience for better performance or to give players the power to control special in-game features. The special features that gamepass can make possible include these, and as a Roblox developer, you are only limited by your imagination as to what unique upgrades you can give to the players of your Roblox game:

  1. Unlocking special weapons at a store
  2. Health and energy refills
  3. Activating Double XP or money
  4. Fly or certain speed
  5. Unlimited power or ammo
  6. Teleport to other locations

When you reward or enhance gameplay in some of these ways, developers are doing something psychologically and exhibitionistically positive by reinforcing good habits and encouraging future play behavior, as well as incentivizing purchases. Figuring out what features may be rewarding to the player is a good aspect of game design.

Rewarding Players

In Roblox, you may develop Gamepasses and then distribute them across your game(s) in any way you want. If other players are interested, they can purchase and benefit from your Gamepass as well. However, what is seen by some as a valid way of obtaining Robux is flamed by others, who see it as greed from the creators.

The act of purchasing and utilizing Gamepasses you have developed is referred to as inflating under Roblox lingo. Even if players are not interested, models that have been inflated will give different games visibility. As an inflation model, creating cheap or advertisement covered Gamepasses for your own account or for other people’s accounts for free would be a suitable way to potentially contribute to a robust future game with flourishing communication.

Purchasing a Gamepass should provide the purchaser with an advantage of some kind, whether in the form of a superior gaming experience, extra benefits, or even some extraordinary achievements in the game. This guide lays down how players with a Gamepass will be shown their compensations. Adopting this pay-to-win strategy would induce unfairness among players as it exploits their innate psychological biases. It would be in the interest of the creator to be faced with as little opposition as possible by communicating any frustrations with them to attempt and fully grasp the pay-to-win strategy. Working closely with designers is also an option to help monitor items.

Rather than simply employing the pay-to-win methodology to complete your assessment, you have the choice to ignore the rewards of winning. Presently, t heir sophomore title offers a jump rope-based game using an analog jump rope as a controller. To further increase the excitement and engagement players have within the game, the selected game is built incorporating skill-testing abilities that use a real jump rope. Players engage actively through the full jump rope game, and this guides them toward making the jump it needs based on what they see on the game screen.

How to Create a Gamepass in Roblox?

To create a gamepass in Roblox, you first have to Publish your game and then follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on your game’s developer product in Roblox Studio
  2. Go to the Configure tab
  3. Beneath the description frame of the item, there will be a checkbox labeled [ ] This item is a Gamepass.
  4. Checking or unchecking the box will change the behavior of the developer product. Checking the box converts the consumer product into a gamepass Product.
  5. Click the blue Save button in the bottom right corners of the configuration tab.
  6. Click the red Upload button that appears at the top center of the editor screen.

As of late 2021, in order to upload a gamepass item to Roblox, the game owner must be a member of the Roblox’s Premium Developer Program. Roblox’s Premium Developer Program gives UGC creators more control over the organization and functionality of their UGC programs. Game developers create different game passes for their game, which are sold for a different amount of Robux. Developers earn 70% of the money made from this in-game purchase (while Roblox earns the other 30%).

Log in to Your Roblox Account

Open a web browser and visit the following address to connect to the Roblox webpage. Proceed with logging into your Roblox account. Then, open the Roblox application and begin Game development with the Create function located on the lefthand side of the web page or behind the My Creations tab. You can develop games either alone or together with your friends. The browser-based tools on Roblox Studio allow you to create incredibly detailed games, but a desktop with Roblox Studio installed is best for this process

The language requirements for Gamepass design vary. Journey-based or first-person-shooter stream games will necessitate more narrative design and game modulation. You may need help constructing certain areas if you do not have any person experience. Each pass can be created with amazing story arcs or even rare lore, or simply to provide players with a fun way to earn in-game money. The joke pass in the heels game provides an excellent distraction with light hearted, angle to a competitive game.

Go to the Create Tab

The Create tab is another area to build Roblox games. New tabs appear when you select the settings in the Settings tab. It acts as an archive of already built games created by the Roblox company and developers. It is where games that are in beta and are being tested in the developer incubator appear.

Since game developers who sell their games on the game platform will be looking for new product features, simply researching them in the Create tab will make it easier for you to access them. After generating ideas for new games to develop, explore the Create tab and check new or outdated already developed games to find areas for improvement. Reach out to the game developers of those games and make your ideas known to the developer that you are interested in collaborating with.

Once you are in the Create tab, you can type the complete game name or important keywords like adopt, tycoon, parties, and so on into the search bar to find game ideas across tons of various niches. After seeing a game that interests you, check out similar games for inspiration. Test a few games to find what you like or dislike in the existing games so you can pinpoint the exact theme and game play for a potential new game.

Select Game Passes

When you are on your Roblox Game Settings page, you will see the Game Passes link. It will not appear until you have created a product. When you click on Game Passes for the first time, you will see a screen similar to this one. Click Create one.

Enter a name in the Your Gamepass Name box, and a description in the Create one box. The description should inform players what they are getting with this game pass. Microtransaction passes are cheap, Game changing passes are expensive, etc. Select the This game pass grants one item to my game check box and Whether to…charge robux option as you wish.

If it’s your first game, give the pass away for free. Create a thumbnail image, and then click Manage to add the thumbnail.

Click on Create New Game Pass

After entering the Game Passes section on the Develop page, you simply click on the Create New Game Pass button as shown. Roblox will ask to associate it with a game of your choosing, which you can select from the dropdown menu. After creation, a unique Game Pass id that the Game Pass will exist under on the website so it should appear as per the displayed thumbnail.

Customize Your Gamepass

After you have saved your modifications to the Advanced Objects and Promotions tabs, customize your Gamepass. Title and the Description should be the same as your Promotion identifier under the promotion’s Product name. The Orchestrate platform is now one step away from making your Gamepass live and available for sale, a process that should only take a few minutes for the system to pick up the details of your Gamepass.

Your Gamepasses can be separated by as many factors as you want. Developer and promotion-specific passes are relatively common differentiations, as are passes based on the game’s familiarity or platform. Some developers will purposefully inflate the prices of Xbox game passes, or even make them free, to increase their average user prior and boast a larger install base when they begin monetizing. While this should not be your primary concern when designing your game pass strategy, it should be considered.

How to Add the Gamepass to Your Game?

You add the =GamePassService.AddPlayerPass() function to the PlayerAdded event. Paste the already defined and configured parameters of the gamepass_id and player before the GamePassService. For the PlayerAdded event, a script should be put into Workspace. Place the pasted function in the definition of the local admin function to ensure execution upon player entry.

Using the example built throughout, the following is all that needs to be added to the ProgressionHandler script inside ServerScriptService. Here is the script after a game pass was created and the ID of the game pass was set to 123456. The 123456 is added to the field setting of prior entries in the AdminList. This demonstrates the simplified process of player addition on game pass ownership as well as the ability for one Executors to skip legitimate users. With this code in ServerScriptService, the acquisition of a game pass will give the player the Admin gamepass.

After copying the above code to a script in ServerScriptService, right-click on ServerScriptService, and press Insert Object. Create StarterPlayer and under it add StarterCharacterScripts, StarterPlayerScripts, and StarterGui. Assign the script created in ServerScriptService into StarterCharacterScripts. Players will receive the game pass functionality and be granted the capability after the execution.

Gamepasses only begin affecting players once published to Roblox. Test the experience through an experimental launch then set it to public to equip anyone who joins the game in the same way. How to Test Gamepass Purchase and Functionality in Roblox. This command is used in Roblox Studio to verify that the product is “visible” to the calling experience. If it is displayed, all properties of the game pass including relative prioritizing, are configured properly (disparity will quickly turn it off).

Go to the Game’s Configuration Page

First, a game’s developer must visit the game they are intending to make available under Roblox Gamepass. In Roblox Studio, the developer must open the game in Edit mode. Here, click on the Game explorer tab and navigate to the Game Service folder. Then activate the acre of the Game pass service. After this, a folder of the Game pass service will appear in the explorer. Inside this will be seen a folder for auto game pass UIs and then a game pass an ID. Drag this appropriate folder (such as for a particular tool, benefit, etc.) into the Game pass service folder. Expand the folder and double click to see the Interpretar code segment which will link functionality defined in another Roblox script specifically designed for the purchasable asset.

Click on the Gamepasses Tab

After selecting the game you want to add a new gamepass to, click on the Game assets link in the bar at the top of your Roblox studio screen. Then click on the Game passes tab. There will be Premium Payouts options like One-Time Purchases, Auto-Renewable Subscriptions, and other types available. The screen for adding a game pass when the Game Passes tab is clicked, looks like it is shown in a Roblox studio movie.

Select the Gamepass You Want to Add

After the initial basic settings, go to the Game Pass section in the Edit Game panel on Roblox. Click on the Create Game Pass button now.

In the Title text field, enter the title of the Game Pass you want to create. This title should draw interest and describe the subsequent pass within a few words. So it may describe exclusive in-game items available only to those who buy the pass, new player upgrades or 2× currency earning, etc. In the Description text field, specify the particular perks the Game Pass provides, if any. This acts as an easy-to-find rundown for users interested in acquiring the Game Pass. Use visual cues like bullet points or item numbers in this area.

In the Price section, use the dropdown options to select the cost of your Game Pass. Developer Products can be purchased with Robux in increments of 10 and must have a price of at least 10 Robux. Premium Services (i.e., offering VIP to a game) can be any (whole) number greater than 0, and the minimum price is based on the item’s Tier. Fundamentally, Game Developers have the flexibility to set the price, with the simplest way of changing the Price for an existing Game Pass being to go to the Game Pass Edit page and changing the price by clicking on the current price. With the Game Pass page filling out with data as work is completed on the project.

Save Changes

Once you have added every item necessary to organise your Roblox gamepasses, it is time to save your changes. Roblox gamepasses can be saved at any point during your setup by scrolling to the bottom of the page and pressing the Save Changes button. The button will only appear in the Description part of gamepasses, so ensure that all other necessary information has been filled into case the actual gamepass is being given out to users after final product launch.

Once the Save changes button has been clicked, you have successfully set up your Roblox gamepass for users to utilize inside your game. Just remember, Roblox gamepasses are not alone in your game, as they work with other in-game tools like badges or a type of VIP membership that users can pay for or for free (Required a script in case of members).

How to Promote Your Gamepass?

You promote your Roblox gamepass with a Promo Code from Roblox, Ads in Roblox, and external advertising. Promo Codes are codes released by Roblox for a limited time. To find promotional codes, search #promocodesreleased2016 on Twitter. Gamepasses can be added to Roblox Ads campaigns. When users click on gamepass ads in Roblox, they are taken to game-specific pages where they can purchase the gamepass. Set a comfortable daily budget for the ads and link them to your game’s page to gain more click-throughs.

If you have a budget of at least 0.10 USD per click, you can start advertising through the Roblox ads manager. Secure your own desired gamepass name on Twitter by creating a tweet about it that includes your name, tweeting to #gamepass. Promote your Radeon Ventures Roblox game, which as of September 2021, has the largest Twitter following. Along with regular tweets, Radeon Ventures regularly uses hashtags like #giveaway to engage players and grow interest in the gamepass.

Use Social Media

The easiest and most common way to get gamepasses on Roblox is to use social media. Social media has made marketing and advertising way more accessible to a broader audience and makes it easier for developers to show off their games. This ultimately will cause Roblox game developers to make it easier for their players to buy gamepasses by connecting them to their gamepasses via social media platforms quickly.

Many Roblox game developers promote their gamepasses across different social media platforms including their YouTube and Twitch channel, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Facebook, and more. Big and active Roblox groups on social media, as well as the Roblox subreddit, are platforms become a member of to interact with the community and developers of games. There are{‘ ‘}’#Robloxgamepass’% and{‘ ‘}’#Robloxgamepasses’% tags to use across the social media platforms to show off your gamepass by posting videos of you playing or showing off your gamepasslocating social media channels for the Roblox games you are interested in, as well as the videogame’s technical support channel from it’s developer

Though it is important to remember to not over-saturate or come off as obnoxious when promoting on social mediaso as to not come off as obnoxious Connecting your game to social media channels, purchasing advertising packages, and ways to get this for free are all ways to promote further connections with your players and audience.

Collaborate with Other Developers

Gamepass creators can collaborate for mutual benefit on Roblox, where a collaboration targets the creation of a bundle of gamepasses from different developers. The collaboration can target the sale of all their respective different gamepasses at a substantial cost discount with the illusion of an unbelievable deal for the consumer. A complementary price-oriented collaboration would be to have a volume discount where a full collection set of gamepasses would be unlocked for a player after purchasing say the vicious forms bundle gamepass (Modern Living).

The developers ྖ Adrian1452. and UFO Studios collaborated and started promoting a home gamepass and developer stats gamepass AD’s gamepass bundle which costed a total of 1000 Robux. One promoting speed, dance emote, moonwalk, spec.fancyanim overwhelm, and sit emote gamepasses. They have limited the offer by making only 10 bundles for sale.

Offer Discounts or Limited Time Deals

A good strategy to getting more people to play your game in Roblox is to offer discounts or limited time deals. This doesn’t need to mean offering the game for less money, but can instead mean offering an in-game discount, timed promotions, or bundle deals on in-game purchases.

Discounts and deals that have worked include:

  1. If you buy this week we’ll throw in this unique weapon
  2. Bogo on gamepasses
  3. Half-price of gamepass for the next 30 minutes
  4. Gamepass on sale for X amount of Robux today only
  5. If you buy in the next 24 hours you receive a 20% off in-game coupon for map credits for the Hunt a Killer game

Utilize In-Game Advertising

In-game advertising is the practice of promoting brands, products, or services within the game to generate revenue. If the game involves a map with certain environmental features, consider making a large billboard advertisement in the form of a skyscraper or large standing sign. Especially if the game is centered around racing games on the streets or in the air, billboards along the track will attract player attention. Weak advertisement placements will only get ignored and will be a waste of time.

Avoid intrusive ad placements. Advertisements that accost the user in full screen or those which intrusively pop up on the side and disrupt the user from the primary gaming experience are largely ignored. Experiment with rewarded advertisements. Advertisements shown as bonuses fin return for giving the player some in-game currency are likely to get watched.

Rewarded ads can meet the player halfway, providing an incentive for looking at the advertiser’s brand. Utilized properly, internal advertising can be an effective tool for monetizing ad space and interacting with the player.

What Are Some Tips for Creating a Successful Gamepass?

Some tips for creating a successful Gamepass on Roblox

  • Design the game pass extremely well
  • Test on your private game first
  • Make the design intuitively guide users
  • Have the game pass make sense according to the rules and balancing of your space
  • Price the game pass in a way that respects time and expectation

. The game pass must be clever, intuitive, understood, and priced correctly as per the characteristics of both the game and players.

Make It Unique and Valuable

Create a game inside a top company, preferably well-funded established brands that can produce interest due to their own brand. Once this brand-only game becomes popular, if it is to continue and the company does not have a Roblox gamepass version, copy it as closely as possible with a new design. Discuss cooperation with the popular game, but plan to make your own. This is because if the popular game requires too high a commission it will not be profitable for you.

Consider Player Feedback

Player feedback is extremely important. Once you have finished a demo and needed to make decisions on which features to include, it is time to release your game in Pretty Realms to get feedback from players to make your final decisions based on what they say. If no one else is able to play your demo and give you feedback, release to a friends-and-family group that can provide you with feedback to make your multiplayer Roblox game the best it can be.

Keep It Relevant to Your Game

Create a gamepass that is relevant to your game’s items, maps, or activities. Games that sell relaxed cosmetic items or VIP access, should utilize a non-invasive gamepass system to maintain their game’s monetization balance without disrupting player game engagement. Make other gamepasses restrictive to obtain but highly impactful to gameplay. Such passes can carry a price benefit for the player if the player acquires the pass rather than making a purchase. Market these as strategic gamepasses with a twist, where the premium is the additional cost and marketing is based on how far ahead of competitors the player will be.

Continuously Update and Improve

As with most games, the key to the gamepass system is to regularly check metrics and see how they are performing. If certain gamepasses are not being purchased or used very frequently, it may be best to delete or bundle them with other items with lower performance at a lower price. The prices of good gamepasses which bring a high value and enjoyment for the consumer may be raised. A few underperforming gamepasses suggests the option to either create new gamepasses or to shift budgets and resources towards other areas of the game. One needs to constantly evolve with the player needs and provide them the best features which compel them to invest in the game.

Pay attention to not over-monetize. Many examples should be studied to see if they are not providing too little value for what they are charging. From a developer’s perspective, the ability to create free game models as well as those that rely somewhat on in-app purchases will help ensure a wide consumer base and create opportunities to market gamepasses at a higher rate because people will be more likely to enjoy the game and be more willing to make in-app purchases.

See how other games accomplish this in their gamepass systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I create a gamepass in Roblox?
Creating a gamepass in Roblox is easy! Simply go to your game’s settings and click on the “Game Passes” tab. From there, you can click on “Create Game Pass” and follow the prompts to customize and publish your gamepass.

Question: What can I offer in my gamepass?
You can offer a variety of perks or items in your gamepass, such as exclusive virtual items, in-game currency, access to special areas, or special abilities. Get creative and think about what would make your game more exciting for players!

Question: Are there any fees for creating a gamepass?
Yes, there is a fee for creating a gamepass in Roblox. The fee is a one-time charge of 100 Robux, which is equivalent to approximately $1.25 USD. This fee helps support the Roblox platform and ensure a safe and fun experience for all players.

Question: Can I change the price of my gamepass?
Yes, you can change the price of your gamepass at any time. Simply go to your game’s settings and click on the “Game Passes” tab. From there, you can click on your gamepass and edit the price as desired.

Question: How do I know if my gamepass is successful?
You can track the success of your gamepass by checking the sales and earnings in your game’s analytics. You can also ask for feedback from players to see if they are enjoying the perks offered in your gamepass.

Question: Can I delete a gamepass once it’s been created?
Yes, you can delete a gamepass if you no longer want it to be available for purchase. Simply go to your game’s settings and click on the “Game Passes” tab. From there, you can click on your gamepass and select “Delete” to remove it from your game.

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