10 Tips on How to Equip Multiple Accessories in Roblox

If you’re an avid Roblox player looking to up your style game, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Accessories in Roblox, from the different types available to how to acquire them.

We’ll also dive into the exciting realm of equipping multiple Accessories, discussing the benefits, limitations, and offering some handy tips for managing your collection.

So, gear up and get ready to take your Roblox experience to the next level!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a popular online gaming platform where users can interact with each other in optimized 3D environments. Users can create their own games and have amassed a following among gamers. Besides being a gaming platform, Roblox is often characterized as a game-creation system as well as a game development platform that allows users to program games and play games created by other developers.

Roblox is free to use and play because the main source of revenue comes from the sale of accessories. Virtual accessories allow users to customize their avatars in the gaming world. At time of writing, there are thousands of accessories that can be crafted or produced and sold on the Roblox trading website. Accessories provide different functions for users like shields or teleports, some accessories are limited edition items, and developers of digital products may provide free accessories as rewards.

What are Accessories in Roblox?

Accessories in Roblox can be collectible items on their own or they can be modifications or additions to other providing you equip or purchase them. Most items within Roblox games work with accessories including items that allow players to perform various functions within the game or clothing and body parts.

This is what accessories look like when players are viewing Emotes Mowar Roblox. The accessories category may include virtual vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, submarines), computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones), weapons, buildings, various electronics (home theaters, home appliances, drones), tools (construction equipment, speed enforcement tools, diving equipment), pet cages (like cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, rabbits, snakes, iguanas, fish), sports equipment (gym equipment, skateboards, bicycles, play sports equipment), seasonal equipment (skis, beach umbrellas, snowboards, Christmas trees, gingerbread houses), and many more undertakings regarding the use category appear in front of the users.

New accessories are often released while existing accessories are removed. Special items like Sea Falcon’s Archmage, Nerf Super Soaker Focus Fire, or Domino Rally Game Day Premier Set do appear periodically which players then find hard to obtain again. So getting them quickly allows users to keep them in their inventory.

Types of Accessories

In Roblox, the term Accessories is a collective term for Hats, Neck Accessories, Shoulders, Front Accessories, Back Accessories, and Waist Accessories. All of these items are stored and equipped in the Avatar Shop, the Storage tab of the Avatar Shop, and the Avatar Editor in the Profile section.

Some items are not meant to be used together, while others can be stacked and used to build complex gameplay concepts.

  • Ninja Mask of Shadows: Equipped to Hat 1
  • Medieval Hood of Mystery: Equipped to Hat 2
  • Dark Elf Ears: Equipped to Hat 3
  • Absolem’s Magnificent Choker: Equipped to Neck
  • Slumbering God’s Pauldrons: Equipped to Shoulder
  • Headcrab Mask: Equipped to Front
  • Toxic Top Hat: Equipped to Back
  • Mysterious Cloak of Mystery: Equipped to Waist

Every game on Roblox has different parameters requiring and allowing different combinations of Accessories.

How to Get Accessories?

To get accessories, you can go directly to the Roblox Avatar Shop or find additional accessories available for free on the Roblox Calculator page.

Steps to acquire Accessories on the Roblox Avatar Shop are as follows:

  1. Select a Roblox accessory by clicking the button Accessories on the main Roblox page.
  2. Under the category of Item Types, you can select preset filters or set your own to narrow down the answers to the Accessory you are willing to admit.
  3. Search or scroll through the Roblox Accessory Shop to see the complete list of available Roblox accessories.
  4. Select the accessory that you desire from the list of Roblox accessories and, if needed, the appropriate size or color.
  5. Click on the button labeled Buy with amount Robux in the Roblox accessory page, then accept the purchase when the popup appears in the Roblox app.
  6. The Roblox accessory should appear in your inventory, where you will have the ability to quickly attach it to the head’s main or secondary port.

How to get Accessories for Roblox on the Calculator Page:

  1. Go to the Roblox Calculator site.
  2. Click the button Goto Accessories on Roblox or visit the Roblox Website then go to the Roblox Avatar Shop.
  3. Choose an item and copy its ID from the calculator site.
  4. Paste it in your Roblox Avatar Shop search box.
  5. Select your Roblox Accessory and click the button Buy Now and then Accept the purchase.
  6. The Roblox Accessory should appear in your Inventory.

How to Equip Multiple Accessories in Roblox?

To equip multiple accessories in Roblox, click on your avatar to open the Character panel. From there, click on the Gear menu to adjust all of your accessories and other equipment whenever you wish. Roblox does not restrict the number of accessories you can equip at a time, so there are no special tricks needed to wear more of them. You are limited by the number of gear slots that your clothing has, so ensure what you are wearing has enough room for every item you want to see.

Your code can accommodate multiple accessories, but paid clothing items do not use the same inventory system as other accessories. They occupy a parallel clothing slot on the character that exists independently of basic inventory gear slots. For clothing, select Body at the top of the Character panel and choose shirts, pants, body accessories and more. Then you can click on the different catalog icons for shirts, pants, shirts, etc to switch out the items in those gear slots. Any item you remove from a gear slot will no longer render on your character and affect its stats in any way. It will continue to exist in your inventory, and you can put it back on at any time.

Equipping Accessories on Desktop

To Equip Accessories on a Desktop in Roblox, click on the player avatar on the bottom left. Your player profile pops up on the right-hand side. To Equip a piece of clothing, locate it in the section of the catalog where you purchased it (categories are located on the left sidebar and include links to asset types, shirts, pants, etc.) and click on the Equip button on the right-hand side.

If you have too many clothes in Roblox (namely gear items) such as t-shirts, shirts, pants, and hats, you can select them one by one to sell them. Select each item and click on the red Sell button. Each clothing piece can only be sold at a fixed price and you will keep only 10% of the revenue you earn from selling the item.

Equipping Accessories on Mobile

You can also purchase and equip Roblox virtual accessories using a mobile device. Navigate to the Catalog using the app’s bottom menu and select the accessory you wish to purchase. There will be a Click to equip button. If the item is out of stock, there will be an indicator. If it’s applicable, you can modify your character to allow it to wear or hold your accessory in the mobile app by tapping the Profile button. Navigate to the Character tab. Find the accessory location and tap on the slot. There will be a list of all the items in your inventory. Click the green equip button for your desired item. You can clear your character in the same tab by clicking the empty slot. Tap the accessory you’d like to remove from the character and then press the brown button that replaces the equip button.

Roblox on mobile does not allow integrating purchased accessories into a game. To do this, the game must support this capacity and a computer and compatible browser will be needed. Roblox accessories on mobile operate as an attached display layer. If an item is equipped or unequipped on a PC, it will be visible immediately on mobile. Meaning that what is equipped on the Roblox website will potentially be visible to mobile users. To avoid this, log in on another device and repeat the same steps for removing equipped accessories.

Equipping Accessories on Xbox

At the time of this writing, equipping accessories in Roblox on Xbox specifically for multiple avatars is not possible as it is with PCs and mobile devices. The following steps work on Xbox if the player wants to change the accessory for only their own avatar.

To equip accessories on Xbox:

  • Tap the Xbox button to get to the system navigation-like menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the My games and apps row and hover over Roblox.
  • Hit the menu/start button on the Roblox tile to prompt a pop-out menu. Once there tap the Manage games and add-ons option.

What are the Benefits of Equipping Multiple Accessories?

The benefits of equipping multiple accessories in Roblox allow for your in-game character to express their distinct style, to show off to others, and to possess more unique characteristics. Accessories can be cool, cute, scary, or just funny – equipping multiple as part of your avatar’s Roblox style helps you maintain the right expression of yourself. Everyone likes to show off to some extent, and having numerous accessories allows you to show off the variety of styles and interests you have to a greater extent. Further, having many different hats, necklaces, etc. on a character gives them a unique appearance that indicates you have played Roblox for a while and have taken the time to establish your own unique in-game personality.

Having multiple accessories equipped gives you more customization possibilities than using transparent clothing items, and makes your avatar look more vivid, luxurious, and established. This is a highly sought after in-game status symbol. Again, accessories as they appear on mobile play in particular, not only express personal style but are also just fun! Some accessories light up, make noise, or fly around right next to your in-game character. Letting all these accessories loose at the same time is just a great deal of fun to look at! Lastly, with over 1000 different Roblox accessories you can choose from, allowing for equipping multiple accessories makes the decision-making process of mixed and matched outfits just a bit easier.


Roblox equips multiple accessories to grant users the ability to customize their look. Once a user purchases accessories they are stored in Roblox’s inventory until they are used. Users can Batch Accessorize, but only one of each category. So you may wear a full outfit that includes Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Hat, Backpack, Shoulder Pet, Waist Pet, Face Accessory, Badges, an Animation Pack, and a full Gear Setup, replacing any one item in the outfit is possible. The process is the same as accessorizing in general. Approach the accessory you wish to swap and right-click on it, then click Destroy (Note this will permanently remove the item and will have to be purchased with Robux again if the player wants to use it later). The process is the same as storing/un-equipping accessories to/from your inventory. Access the accessory selection panel and click the Garbage Can icon below the accessory you wish to remove.

Enhanced Gameplay

Equipping multiple accessories in Roblox can be used to enhance gameplay either in a fun and visually interesting manner or by providing combat and other game-specific gains that can help you progress towards your goals.

Fashion Famous: a player can equip multiple accessories in Roblox to create a more visually appealing and fun character. The Sprucing Up Code article by the Roblox developers provides tips on applying lighting effects and layering clothing, accessories, and body parts that can create the best look. It includes examples from a successful creator on the platform for gamers who are looking for engaging, unique looks.

Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den S: a player can equip accessories and in this game specifically, tools, to improve efficiency and management of their parks. For example, items like the Edit-R-Tool, Delete Tool, Path Tool, Ticket Booth, Gift Shop Sign, Balloon Stand, Trash can, and Picnic Bench can all be useful for improving the operational effectiveness of your park.

Bee Swarm Simulator by OnnetAnimations: In this game, accessories can improve a player’s ability to collect more pollen, kill monsters, upgrade their luaus, gain more experience, increase movement speed, or make players better equipped for combat.

An alternate way to equip multiple accessories in this game is through the in-game presented option to exchange Candies into Royal Jellies for the bees. Depending on the bee, these Royal Jellies could increase the bees’ abilities towards combat and labor. For example, a Cob Bee does more damage to the mobs than a Coconut Crab. Another example is the Commando Bee that collects 30 pollen in an area around the player and can also collect several tokens in a very short period.

Social Status

Some players purchase new clothing items every month from the Roblox catalog. This could place new items in their inventory that may be potentially used as accessories. Some of them might have a social status (having a high buying number compared to ther players) so they can help increase your character’s social status as well.

On the website Explorer’s Hub, the game player Pure Player expressed their opinion on the value of accessories towards the social side of gaming. They argued, “They have to use all accessories based on a stylish look, but I mainly choose and combine accessories to show myself as wealthy or strong.”

Are There Any Limitations to Equipping Multiple Accessories?

Yes, there are limitations when user equips multiple hat accessories as only one face accessory and one back accessory can be used at a time.

Old Hats

There have been some reports of users running into bugs while trying to equip more than one accessory, so for the best experience, users may want to stick to using only the standard two hat accessories.

Changing the selection of equipped accessories is possible. Users simply unequip the selected accessory, then pick a new one from the avatar shop again in order to use alternative accessories.

Limited Space

This is the default number of accessory slots every player on Roblox starts with according to the game’s design. In Adopt Me, for instance, players start off not being able to equip more than a couple accessories (separate from clothes). Limited space allows only a specific maximum number of accessories of certain types to be equipped and the rest will not be able to be worn until another accessory is unequipped or upgraded which unlocks another slot for use.

Items already placed that are not locked require payment of Robux to move or remove. In this way, Roblox earns a continuous income from people as they accumulate and desire to attach more and more accessories. The easiest and cheapest way for a player to add multiple accessories is to increase the number of accessory slots available.

Possible Glitches or Bugs

The possibility of some accessories not appearing on-screen is higher when using many accessories. This can be fixed by forcibly ending character animations while switching between characters dressed differently. To increase the chance that all your accessories will appear, restrict finger movements to the camera only (though this is difficult).

Roblox clients may have difficulties loading variables when too many are present at the same time. Check the Roblox forums for common solutions when glitches happen. As an example, some users experienced the same issue when playing Jailbreak, and one suggestion was to turn the graphics quality of a game all the way down.

Tips for Organizing and Managing Multiple Accessories

  1. Create customized outfits. Example: ‘Snow-adventure outfit 1’ which consists of icy dragon horns for hat, snowflakes for face, snow bunny neck ruff, and frozen pants as pants. ‘Snow-adventure swimsuit outfit 2’ with adorable snowman top as shirt, snow boots for pants, and jewel crown as hat. Accessory hats, shirts, pants, face, and neck accessories can be chosen based on seasonal or situational needs, or to express a specific theme.
  2. Feature your outfits. Create lightweight slogan outfits, seasonal outfits, group outfits, swimming outfits, or other unique outfits for showcasing to everyone who visits your Roblox game page. Provide luxurious outfit options for VIP players.
  3. Ditches disapproved outfits. Every Roblox game has different outfit rules. A beach party Roblox game might encourage tiny two-piece swimming clothes. Some military or school game rules may require a specific uniform look. Evaluate which outfits you want to wear, and which outfits do not adhere to the rules of your favorite game.
  4. Consistent naming. Use simple, quick-to-understand names for your outfits like ‘First date’, ‘Halloween fun’, or ‘Winter playing’.
  5. Outfit tags. Create tags such as ‘Modern’, ‘Cheap’, ‘Epic’, ‘Fishing’, ‘Camping’, and so forth to help players lookup and swap to various outfit options.
  6. Create a Fashion Lookbook. Keep a catalog of beloved outfits that you’ve saved so you can easily reach and put on when needed.

Create Outfit Sets

One of the easy ways to wear multiple accessories in Roblox as to suggest makers is to create outfits with up to 5 accessories in a set. These sets can be changed with a single click, with no need to manually select each one or put them on individually. If you regularly wear multiple accessories, this is helpful as it cut back on the constant changes to your avatar look throughout your gaming.

Use the Favorites Feature

You can use the favorites feature on an asset’s Roblox catalog page to switch between and compare different accessories or body parts with the same category such as hats or arms. This method is best if the accessories are not connected to each other and you need to quickly change them in the same category.

Sell or Trade Unused Accessories

To sell unused accessories in Roblox, go to your Accessories panel and hover over or click on the item you no longer want. Select Wear Info, then select sell, and select the amount of Robux you would like to sell it for. Lastly, select the sell option. To trade an item, there are multiple ways on the platform itself and in outside forums. There are many scammers on Roblox and trading is not easy, so be wary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Equip Multiple Accessories in Roblox?

Equipping accessories in Roblox is an essential part of customizing your avatar and making it stand out in the vast virtual world. However, did you know that you can equip multiple accessories at once? Here’s everything you need to know about equipping multiple accessories in Roblox.

1. How can I equip multiple accessories at once in Roblox?

To equip multiple accessories in Roblox, you can simply click on the ‘Accessories’ tab in the Avatar Editor and then select the accessories you want to equip. You can also use the ‘Wear All’ button to quickly equip all of your selected accessories.

2. Is there a limit to the number of accessories I can equip in Roblox?

No, there is no limit to the number of accessories you can equip in Roblox. You can equip as many accessories as you want, as long as they are compatible with your avatar’s body type.

3. Can I mix and match accessories from different categories?

Yes, you can mix and match accessories from different categories in Roblox. For example, you can equip a hat and a backpack at the same time, or combine a face accessory with a waist accessory.

4. How do I make sure my accessories are not interfering with each other?

If you notice that your accessories are overlapping or interfering with each other, you can use the ‘Scale’ and ‘Position’ buttons in the Avatar Editor to adjust the placement and size of your accessories. This will help prevent any visual conflicts.

5. Can I save my favorite combination of accessories for future use?

Yes, you can save your favorite combinations of accessories in Roblox. Simply click on the ‘Save’ button in the Avatar Editor and give your outfit a name. You can then easily equip it anytime in the future.

6. Can I equip accessories while playing a game in Roblox?

Yes, you can equip accessories while playing a game in Roblox. Simply press the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard to open the main menu, and then click on the ‘Avatar’ tab. You can then equip or unequip any accessories as desired.

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