Mastering Minecraft: How to Destroy Blocks Without Commands

Are you a Minecraft player looking to learn more about how to efficiently destroy blocks in the game without using commands?

This article will cover everything you need to know, from the tools needed to the techniques and tips for effective block destruction. Whether you want to preserve the natural look of the world, challenge yourself, or simply avoid cheats and mods, we’ve got you covered.

Discover creative ways to destroy blocks and become a master miner in Minecraft!

What Are Blocks in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a block is a cubic element encountered in the game that is used for a variety of applications, the most common of which is in constructing things such as buildings. If large enough numbers of the same block are assembled together they form various Voxel shapes. For example, if large numbers of stone blocks are assembled they form a large object called stone.

Blocks are the single most fundamental component of the game environment, the base object that is encountered at almost all levels of play, and is the main object interacted with directly by players. Blocks can be described at extremely low levels of granularity. For example, their recruitment materials promote a low level of detail. They have an identifiable name, a slightly abstract descriptive term, a basic texture, a mining power, and a renewable factor. A Grass Block is a type of block in Minecraft that is ubiquitous on the surface (only the ocean, rivers, and the underside of trees lack them), and players from their first moments in the game are able to acquire this block by hand or some common tool, the earliest form of natural regeneration, until the end of the game. They can be described much more generically, being given a type of location like Ore block in a Lava Lake, or a higher abstract type like water block.

Why Would You Want to Destroy Blocks Without Commands?

You would want to destroy blocks in Minecraft without commands if you do not have the seeds enabled on which blocks were originally placed. Destroying blocks in Minecraft without commands is an integral building and mining activity that is done in the game’s default settings to clear areas, collect resources like ores, wood, and stone, to make space, or to make new constructions.

Rebuilding pre-existing structures made by other players or that are created automatically in game mode may be difficult if blocks are placed using commands, as per the guidelines from the Mojang Gamepedia:

  • The Game Mode is not displayed in a player’s inventory and lacks automatic change indication. This makes it harder to determine if creative, survival, or another game mode is currently enabled.
  • It may be possible to spend time gathering resources, airplane structures, or setting timelines by modifying game rules instead.
  • Convenient main functionality that game developers intend players to use may be removed or altered for ease of gameplay.
  • Other elements of the game, particularly financially rewarded builds where players have paid for each structure, are removed.

Losing seeds can ruin recreations of existing structures or cities created by other players, as one of the main aesthetic objectives of the game. Losing seeds can ruin a map of a player’s city or structure.

Destroying blocks without commands is simple as patience, mining, and using the proper tools in Survival Mode. First a player must mine off the blocks using proper tools or by hand. They will then collect the block. It should be noted that some blocks (such as wood blocks) will turn to items once destroyed and thus can be picked up from the ground. Dirt blocks will disappear if the player digs them if there is nothing underneath them.

To Preserve the Natural Look of the World

Preserving the natural look of the world as NotConnor#4378 states in his March 2021 tweet is a widely cited reason for why people choose not to use commands to destroy blocks in Minecraft. When breaking the natural beauty of the world, many Minecrafters opt to do it the old fashioned way rather than by simply removing it with commands or tools. 70rockstar stated the age-old reason – “Because I can“. You can says others to do either/or.

To Challenge Yourself

Not using commands to destroy blocks in Minecraft is a way to challenge yourself. Minecraft is about freedom and there are many ways to destroy blocks without commands.

Ryan from SciCraft – Minecraft Technical Server shows one of the incredibly fast and efficient ways that is possible in survival mode by using Wither Skeletons to destroy a large block of Obsidian blocks.

To get Wither Skeletons, he needs to wait for the weather report to have a clear window of not only rain but also the three-day thunderstorm. Then give him the four to be waited for a chance to get Wither Skeleton skulls. It is affected by a good blast that explodes all the other mobs inside.

This is time-consuming and doesn’t always work out, but it is a fun and challenging way to render massive areas of blocks and make bases for castles or even cities in survival mode.

To Avoid Using Cheats or Mods

One common reason to destroy blocks in Minecraft without commands is to avoid cheating. This is a concern often cited by parents who want to make sure their children are playing Minecraft the right way – without any shortcuts. In the game, blocks must be destroyed and converted into resources for various crafting recipes. This approach is still manual labor, and is part of the game, so creative ideas and skills are not bypassed.

A related reason is that players, especially beginners, prefer not to use cheats in order to learn the gameplay and structure of the game. Instead of getting the materials or resources they need with the help of commands, beginners are encouraged to break blocks manually to earn in-game currency and improve their digital mining skills.

For established players, it can be more fun and easier to interact with the environment by manually destroying blocks without the help of commands, given the mistaken impression that destroying blocks in Minecraft is always complicated and time-consuming. Minecraft does not require players to destroy blocks by utilizing commands or mods, so that established players find this option to be more fun and interactive or need to remove certain blocks outside their area of effect.

What Tools Are Needed to Destroy Blocks in Minecraft?

The tools needed to destroy blocks in Minecraft without commands are picks, axes, and shovels. Picks are more efficient to break rock types like stone and ores. Shovels are the fastest way to break dirt-like and snow-like blocks such as dirt, gravel, and sand. Axes are the quickest way to break wood and plant-based blocks. Blocks such as wood logs, leaves, and melon blocks require an axe to break.


In Minecraft, the most common way to destroy blocks without commands is using different types of Pickaxe. Various blocks require Pickaxes to be destroyed. Wooden and golden pickaxes are capable of mining Stone, Coal ore, Iron ore, Lapis Lazuli ore, and Nether Quartz ore. While Diamond, Golden, and Netherite pickaxes are capable of breaking all blocks apart from Obsidian blocks. TNT can be used to destroy blocks such as Obsidian, Bedrock, Ice, Enchantment Table, and Beacon blocks.


Shovels are another tool that can be used to destroy blocks. But like pickaxes, using shovels can take much longer to destroy blocks because they only deal 2 points of damage (or 1 heart) per hit. The shovel, like the pickaxe, digs into the ground instead of breaking down blocks. Shovels are a good tool for destroying dirt, sand, gravel, grass, snow, and overgrown plant life such as tall grass or flowers. It requires mining before you can obtain the necessary materials to create a shovel.


The axe in Minecraft is a tool recommended for use in farming for obtaining wooden items, such as wood, wooden stairs, wooden slabs, etc. It is effective in destroying selected blocks made of natural and manmade materials from trees and farms according to experiments and reports by the Brady Game Guide.

Axes destroy 2.5 points per hit as opposed to the Diamond Pickaxe which perfectly destroys most blocks in the inventory system by decreasing them to 0 points. This efficiency means certain materials are sometimes wasted by adding to a player’s inventory when farming while using the Diamond Pickaxe, whereas using an axe only destroys the desired block and does not collect it.

Axes are the slowest tools to destroy mineral blocks – taking 6.5 minutes to destroy Anvil, breaking 1800 blocks per Durability.

Iron axe deserves an honorable mention as the most effective against trees, destroying 60 logs per Durability. Lapis, Emerald, Obsidian, Ghast Tear, Netherite, and Dragon Egg take the same time with the axe to destroy as they do with the pickaxe. But it means the entire time spent smashing the block is completely focused on destroying THAT block.


The sword is the main tool of destruction in Minecraft. It is also the best weapon for defense. There are several types of swords in Minecraft with varying damage levels. For example, the diamond sword has the attack damage values shown in the table below.

MATERIAL TYPE Wooden Stone Golden Iron Diamond
ATTACK TYPE Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee

To use a sword, hold it in the assigned hotbar slot which is the interactive slot. When you want to use it, make sure the assigned hotbar slot is selected. Right-click will switch it to left-click as the default active tool for block breaking. Right-click to cut plants, kill animals, or destroy blocks quickly.

The sword blocks oncoming attacks and nullifies all damage. However, some safe diseases such as Blaze’s fireball attack or direct environmental harm such as Enderman destroying the block to close the pit will not be stopped by the sword’s block, nor will an arrow fired by a skeleton be prevented from causing damage if it hits the player’s head.


Shears are the only tools in Minecraft that can pick up certain types of blocks without the need to break them prior. for this purpose, they pick up Vines, various types of Leaves, Mushrooms, and practically just about anything that can decay with being hit. While grass cannot be hit and harvested with shears, the rest can, including Wooden Planks, for which axes would be better but shears in a pinch will do.

What Are the Techniques for Destroying Blocks in Minecraft?

The main techniques for destroying blocks in Minecraft are to destroy them using a pickaxe or other tool from the player’s inventory, destroy them with a flint and steel tool, or destroy the blocks with a sword, axe, hoe, shovel, or goblet of fire enchanted with certain leveled items. When this is not possible, updated information for Minecraft players might not have been obtained, or the thing to destroy the block is not available (like without creative mode or a Despawn Entity Command) this is when players may have to use TNT, lava, or cactus to destroy the block. But because of their damaging effects, they should be avoided unless highly necessary. Built blocks in creative mode can be removed instantly by using the player inventory building tools to “paint” the blocks with transparency. Zero-tick redstone mechanisms to destroy blocks can destroy obsidian by instantly deleting the block with a Cactus zero-tick farm. These are less likely to be useful as they are not widely popular and zero-tick farms might not be allowed on certain servers or worlds.


The most common way to destroy Steppes Blocks in Minecraft is mining. Players dig around the block to be destroyed in order to free and then destroy it. As shown in the block’s tooltip, the players must use pickaxes for mineral blocks, axes for woods and related blocks, shovels for clay and gravel blocks, and any tool for any other block type.

In the game, a number of blocks are self-breaking, a term that refers to the fact that a block will break and be destroyed on its own after a period of time:

  • Flowing Liquids for any liquid
  • Grass Block to Path Block
  • Mushroom == mycelium == podzol to dirt
  • Frosted Ice (ice) to Water source and light source
  • Supported sand or gravel blocks known for their updating tendencies will fall if not given a supportable block
  • Lava will turn certain farmable blocks into Magma

It can be helpful to change the time of day in the settings to speed up the self-destruct process, making it quicker and easier for players to destroy larger areas of blocks without doing so themselves.

Breaking with Tools

Blocks can be destroyed by mining with tool items such as pickaxes, axes, and drills. As a general rule, more highly-rated tools made of higher-quality materials take less time to destroy a block. The amount of time they take is a function of the block’s hardness and the tool’s speed factor, as per the item. Stone, Sandstone, and Netherrack can only be destroyed using axes and pickaxes, while arbor and wooden blocks can handle either.

Using Explosives

One of the best tools for destroying blocks in Minecraft without the use of game commands is by utilizing a variety of explosives that the game offers. Explosives are powerful mechanical devices useful for the controlled and safe release of energy for breaking tough objects. In Minecraft, players have access to a variety of explosives such as Dynamite, TNT (Trinitrotoluene), Fireworks, etc.

Wooden Pressure Plates can be used to make deadly traps or for clearing unwanted structures or objects with the help of some simple redstone wiring. Simply attach it to a TNT block half-covered by dirt or any block, knowing that the placement likely cannot be seen by any enemies or animals. Upon triggering by breaking the wood or block, the TNT will burst and obliterate whatever surrounds it.

Creeper Explosions can also be used as an explosive tool. Creeper mobs are simple creatures that tend to wander at night and when struck will explode dealing significant damage and destruction to the surroundings. Players should use caution, however, as they can easily be antagonized without intention and cause destruction.

What Are Some Tips for Efficiently Destroying Blocks in Minecraft?

Some tips for efficiently destroying blocks in Minecraft are to multitask with your hands to break blocks while switching to other tools or command functions with the other hand, use TNT (explosives) if mining is too slow, learn to speed-bridge with spit and trapdoor, practice taking out entire areas at once with instant mine, organize and sort blocks with predetermined pick-axes to break them, create an efficient strip mine, and practice critical mining or proper hit coordinates to speed up pick-axe durability.

Plan Your Mining Route

To destroy blocks in Minecraft without commands, the attributes of any block should be added to a pickaxe into which the shovel attribute has already been added. This type will work for All Other Blocks Including the Block Type Being Mined.

This block destruction method will increase your productivity and therefore decrease your time on each level expanding the dangers of an early fire from lava or loss of resources should you die or be injured by a hostile mob. We recommend quickly brewing a Potion of Fire Resistance before continuing to even such dangers.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

You can destroy grass, dirt, and even sand blocks with virtually any tool and even your fist(punching blocks slowest at 0.05 seconds per hit). But when trying to break stone, diamond, netherite, or various types of wood and iron blocks, you are going to struggle without the appropriate tool. Here are a few examples of blocks that require the designated tool to break most efficiently.

Utilize Enchantments

To destroy blocks in Minecraft without commands and more efficiency, one can utilize certain types of enchantments for pickaxes as they keep their general features and strengths while eliminating the weaknesses of the target block. There are five relevant enchantments: the Silktouch, Unbreaking, Mending, Efficiency, and Haste fortification charms.

  • Silktouch: This enchantment preserves the actual block being mined and can be used to collect gravels, ores. Silktouch does cause them to drop their original block material whether they are cooked or not. Note that liquids, crops, and other non-solid materials are active over a larger area, which requires mining with care to a large area to catch everything, but most uses are not very effective when used over a similar area.
  • Unbreaking: Even if a pickaxe is not enchanted with the Unbreaking property, it will last 131,000 blocks compared to the 500 an unenchanted wooden pickaxe may last.
  • Mending Pickaxe, Armor, or Weapon: Mending Enchantment offers an effective way of reclaiming durability, but only if (1 to 7 levels of experience) is known, and no experience is picked at all increase. To maximize the expense, do some grindstone enchantment mining to see what is preferred.
  • Efficiency + Haste: Efficiency and Haste greatly speed up the mining process, which can be considered important for mining resources or when mining around obstacles like lava or near cave spiders.

Use TNT or Other Explosives Strategically

TNT, the most common interface-friendly explosive in Minecraft, is ideal for clearing multiblock areas. Outdated technology such as Filled Cart TBM’s or manually detonated duped anchors to make an end crystal with 6 Eyes of Ender have been removed, and more modern forms of explosive have joined the options. Besides TNT, some of the most useful methods involve:

  1. Cubebomb A cheating mod tool developed by the CheatBreaker Authority, activation of this is a simple one-click process
  2. Wild Nature Expansion snow and lifelike explosions using materials ranging from wood to polished planks, as well as TNT in all sizes.
  3. Ender Energy One of the more popular extremely explosive cheat mod tools requiring pump actions
  4. Geckoestender Remote TNT controls that can help if you are separated from the area you need to destroy
  5. Refined Storage and Pixelmon Reforged for aytpical but effective environmentally triggered explosives

TNT and similar items can be dangerous when players do not have destructive permissions and may not be recommended for improper use in churches, public meeting points, or other supportive client creations.

What Are Some Creative Ways to Destroy Blocks in Minecraft?

  1. Water and Lava to destroy blocks
  2. TNT to destroy blocks
  3. Cactus to destroy blocks
  4. Nether portal blocks to destroy blocks
  5. Gravel and Anvils to destroy blocks
  6. Dragon eggs to destroy blocks

These are the creative ways to destroy blocks in Minecraft without using commands. These methods provide various effects and diversification in game interactions, which can make Minecraft game dynamics both more complex and more interesting. How these forms of destruction are best used depend on the player’s objectives, and the blocks intended for destruction. See the specification of block destruction for each method below.

These items or blocks have specific characteristics that can cause them to destroy other blocks. Water and lava can cause significant destruction to flammable blocks, while TNT can break a large number of blocks at once and can destroy blocks while working at relatively long distances. And cactus and Nether portal blocks provide necessary diversification, although their effectiveness is relatively low compared to other methods. Gravel and Anvil are unique ways of block destruction, which provide a satirical form appeal. And Dragon eggs may be a bit difficult to achieve but their destructive abilities are the most intriguing.

Using Redstone Contraptions

Redstone is a mechanic in Minecraft that allows for circuit-related mechanics. This means connecting wires in a parallel circuit, creating torch keys, or even making secret doors. Players can make Redstone traps that allow them for remotely activating TNT that can be used to break blocks.

Three building blocks of a redstone TNT trap are apart from the TNT itself of course, 3 Pistons (or 3 Sticky Pistons), 1 Block of Obsidian, Transparent Building Block such as glass of choice, Lever (or Redstone Repeater), Redstone Wire, and Secret Activation button (or Observation tower).

Construct three pistons and set them up in a parallel circuit beneath the block to be destroyed. The pistons are necessary to push the TNT blocks out of their protected position. The pistons are not activated yet. Arrange a block of obsidian that is two blocks away from the position of the TNT. This acts as a casing to prevent the TNT from harm before detonation. Put up nine transparent blocks (preferred material is glass) on the top of the TNT in a 3*3 grid formation. Place an external block (such as glass) on the last piston which will hold the TNT at bay. This is necessary to ensure that the TNT does not start damaging everything before it is placed in the proper position. Attach one lever to the central transparent block. From the lever, the paths are arranged to conduct the current to the sticky piston, and then eventually TNT in order to release it, see the redstone paths highlighted.

Using Mobs or Animals

Some animals or mobs may destroy certain blocks under specific conditions. Endermen tend to pick up and remove blocks that they are disturbed by. Polar bears, pandas, and wolves are some examples of mobs that will destroy the bamboo plant if they come into contact with it. The TNT from creepers, ghasts, and other sources have the ability to remove most block types from the game.

Kuritto’s Editing Minecraft 2021 book at the Japanese Ministry of Education’s Library says that when a creature disturbs an Enderman or destroys a bamboo plant, they drop that block using a process called pick block. The player can then mine these blocks to add them to their inventory.

Using Water or Lava

Water and lava are not commonly thought of as tools for block removal in Minecraft. However, when used correctly, they can be effective fluid elements in the game. Water can turn lava into obsidian, or cobblestone making it much easier to clear. Additionally, water will destroy torches, sitting animals, and some plant-type blocks.

Removal with these elements requires a source block or a block only one away from the element. Flowing water and lava will not remove anything nor will ice. Players must be careful of the cascading effect when using large amounts of water, as it might unexpectedly clear large portions of your map.

The removal is immediate after placing water or lava monsters and animals will start burning if they are in contact. This plumber shows the destructive results of removing a block and not properly channeling the water flow.

Using Gravity

Gravity-affected blocks such as sand, gravel, concrete powder, anvilsdragon eggs, and red sand can be destroyed by breaking the block supporting them.

Once the supporting block is broken, the gravity-affected block will begin to fall and break other blocks beneath them. For sand, gravel, and concrete powder, this will continue until they hit a solid surface such as stone or dirt. For anvils and dragon eggs, they are destroyed after falling onto any surface.

The player can break supporting blocks by mining them or destroying them with pistons. Completion of the target can be ensured via mining the supporting block or selectively manipulating other stronger blocks preventing the target block from landing on a successive, stronger supporting block. This method can be particularly effective in domino-like setups with clear space underneath the equipment, though it can take a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ways to destroy blocks in Minecraft without using commands?

There are several methods to destroy blocks in Minecraft without using commands. These include using tools, explosives, gravity, fire, and liquids.

How can I destroy blocks in Minecraft using tools?

To destroy blocks using tools, simply equip the appropriate tool for the block (e.g. pickaxe for stone) and hold down the left mouse button until the block breaks.

What types of explosives can I use to destroy blocks in Minecraft?

You can use TNT, creepers, or fire charges to destroy blocks in Minecraft. Just be careful not to accidentally destroy your own structures!

Is it possible to use gravity to destroy blocks in Minecraft?

Yes, you can use gravity to your advantage by creating a sand or gravel block tower and then breaking the bottom block, causing the entire tower to collapse.

How can I set blocks on fire to destroy them?

You can use flint and steel or lava to set blocks on fire, which will eventually destroy them. Just be careful not to start a wildfire!

Can liquids be used to destroy blocks in Minecraft?

Yes, liquids like water and lava can be used to destroy blocks in Minecraft. Simply pour them over the block you want to destroy.

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