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We discuss the importance of ping in Fortnite, how to check and lower your ping, and the benefits of having a lower ping while playing.

Get practical tips on using an Ethernet cable, upgrading your internet plan, and optimizing in-game settings for faster response times, more accurate gameplay, and better overall performance in Fortnite. Let’s dive in!

What is Ping in Fortnite?

Ping in Fortnite refers to the user’s Round-Trip Time (RTT) when communicating with the Fortnite server. In essence, it measures the time it takes for data sent from a player’s computer to reach the Fortnite server and the response of that server to reach back.

The term latency determines the ability for a user to play Fortnite or other online games with lag. A low ping implies that the time taken for data to be sent and received is low. A high ping, in contrast, indicates a delay in communication between the game client and the server.

Lower values of ping are indicative of better performance and less lag. -ping command allows Us in Fortnite to see the email server response time that is coming closest to them which can inform them if switching regions can provide a better connection.

Why is Low Ping Important in Fortnite?

Low ping in Fortnite is important to avoid many problems such as fps drops, high latency, and lag. Lag occurs when the ping becomes so high that there is a noticeable delay in between when a player performs an action, and when the action completes in the game. This includes movement, building, shooting, editing, and practically any other in-game activity. Low ping is, therefore, important since it is a key metric in measuring lag.

High or variable ping values not only retard the game, but they can rarely also result in total disconnection if the latency causes the server to stop communicating with the player’s devices in order to maintain a fair game for all other players in the lobby. Packet loss accompanies high ping/lag and worsens the level of in-game disruption. Minimum to no ping values are essential to achieve ideal FPS (frames per second) and low to no latency throughout the game. All the advice sources provided in our sources can help players to understand and manage their Fortnite ping so they can enjoy a better gaming experience.

How to Check Your Ping in Fortnite?

You can check your ping in Fortnite from the settings menu. To check your FPS in Fortnite for future performance benefits, the following steps should work:

  1. Launch Fortnite and enter a lobby.
  2. Open Fortnite settings by pressing the top 3 strips located on the upper right corner in the lobby or in a match.
  3. Now you can find the Quick Chat and Accessibility sub-menus. Your FPS will be in the top corner for ‘Quick Chat’ and ping in the bottom.
  4. If it’s not there, you will need to launch Fortnite again and hope it shows up. The above settings don’t always show FPS or ping.
  5. With the latest Fortnite update in October 2021, many users have been reporting that they can no longer view FPS on Fortnite.

What is a Good Ping for Fortnite?

In Fortnite, a good ping is anything less than 50 milliseconds. According to Fortnite players polled by the blog of UK ISP Hyperoptic, up to 30ms is perfect latency. However, a ping time of 50ms or higher is less than desirable as it is more susceptible to inducing lag in gameplay beyond the control of the player. Pings of 100ms+ will be very laggy and will make Fortnite almost impossible to play.

How to Lower Your Ping in Fortnite?

To lower your ping in Fortnite, you should move closer to the server’s location, disconnect unnecessary devices from the network, avoid peak gaming hours, and use a wired connection. If your ping does not change in-game after ensuring you do not have any externally-caused ping issues, and you are still experiencing high-ping in Fortnite, this could mean the problem is on Epic Game’s side, such as an overloaded server or local network disruption they are facing.

Use an Ethernet Cable

When you use an Ethernet cable rather than wifi it lowers Fortnite’s ping. An Ethernet cable is a physical cable that runs from the router specifically to the computer or gaming console you are working with. This cable is the broadcaster of data rather than being the wifi signal, which increases the speed of the internet network. The process is made easier by a network’s ability to bypass sharing broad wifi signals among many devices and maintain high-speed connections. With the owner’s permission, you can access and connect directly to the homeowner’s network. You can choose to make use of Google Fiber or another internet provider that concentrates on residential networks and not hotels or public networks.

Close Background Programs

Ping can be lowered in Fortnite by closing background programs consuming network bandwidth, CPU, or memory. Background programs such as downloads, anti-virus software, Windows or Mac updates, and other applications that use the network will all be competing with Fortnite for bandwidth and increase ping. Closing these network-consuming programs will lower ping substantially.

Finding out which background programs are using your internet connection is a bit difficult. On Windows, you can use the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC or CTRL + ALT + DEL. Click on ‘Network’ to see which programs are using your network connection. Similarly, you can click on the ‘Performance’ tab to view the CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network usage. Most programs, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Zoom, consume all types of resources. Close the programs you are not using while playing.

On Mac to see what applications are using the most resources, go to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. You can see a list of applications that are using the most memory, CPU, or network. Find and close the ones that are using up the most resources. These will most likely be background downloads, anti-virus software, publisher services, and more.

Task Manager on Windows can help identify which programs are using resources.

Change Your DNS Settings

DNS (Domain Name System) settings are the directory for the internet. When you enter a website or IP address, they tell your internet service provider’s network how to route packet data to the correct server or endpoint. To lower Fortnite ping, you can manually set your computer or gaming console to use services such as Google’s DNS ( Not all devices respect these settings, but on some they can lead to better performance to cloud servers running Fortnite.

Decreasing ping is just one of the many benefits of changing DNS settings including faster page loading times, bypassing geolocation blocks, and worm security. The process of modifying these settings is different depending on if you are on Windows, Mac, or a gaming console. Below we outline the basic steps for Windows and Mac computers as well as for PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles.

Connect to a Closer Server

Fornite hosts have multiple servers in many parts of the world. When Fortnite pings are high, it could be that you are connected to a server far away from you. To fix ping in Fortnite, change the server you are connected to and connect to a closer one.

While the game does automatically select a server with the best connection, you can manually change this setting. Doing this is best when you are experiencing high ping and the lag in Fortnite is significantly impacting the flow of your rounds. Click on the server selection button in the top right corner of the Fortnite launcher and click on your desired region. If there are many servers in the selected region and you are still experiencing high ping, try another region.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

Make sure you have a plan that is fast enough for Fortnite. Fortnite needs a good internet connection to perform properly. Refer back to ways to lower Fortnite’s ping which can be by using a wired ethernet connection to improve internet traffic.

Higher bandwidth plans, especially those based on higher technologies like cable and fiber, usually have lower network congestion, higher quality of service, and fewer ping spikes all of which can lower Fortnite’s ping.

Use a Gaming VPN

A Gaming VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that assists with reducing ping by establishing a secure, encrypted connection over a network and channeling traffic through it. Data is routed through servers typically located in densely populated major cities and areas, creating alternative routes and thereby eliminating congestion or unnecessary deviation.

If you want to improve ping, use VPN if you think your ISP has set high data limits. VPN helps in setting the data limit to a better extent for the internet. Furthermore, it keeps your IP safe from the public so the ping may be improved.

There are conditions where using a gaming VPN allows for better connectivity and lower pings:

ISP throttling: Your Internet Service Provider may be intentionally throttling your connection. Using a VPN might help by adding a level of anonymity and circumventing the throttling.

Distant server locations: If you want a server in another country or state with more ping, a VPN might help to set up a secure connection.

3-rd Party Players: Players from other regions of the globe will increase ping when playing against you. Using a gaming VPN should help you control your connectivity and delay their connection to your server.

Optimize In-Game Settings

You can lower ping in Fortnite by optimizing in-game settings. The in-game settings do not have a direct impact on ping. However, changing these settings can make the ping drop. Even the fastest computers can have lag if high-quality games are running while other applications that require an Internet connection run simultaneously. If your computer has a poor connection, high framerates and fast resolutions in these settings may create lag.

Use a Wired Controller

Using a wired controller will eliminate any latency in the connection between your hands and the computer, as the data being sent will not have to pass through the wireless channel. Some users experience a decrease in ping when switching to using a wired connection for their mouse, keyboard, and controller, rather than utilizing a wireless peripheral setup.

Reduce Network Interference

Network interference can come from electronic devices or from others gaming on your network.

The only set direction that others in the household reduce network interference is for others to pause their own device usage. This could include stopping scopes, tablets, and gaming systems using wifi while you are playing Fortnite. Nearby electronic devices that could case network interference should be turned off as well.

Update Your Network Drivers

Network drivers are the software that allows your computer to communicate with a network. These drivers are often bundled with the operating system as a standard feature or are part of router software. Network drivers need to be updated periodically to maintain performance and compatability.

To update your network drivers in Windows 10, open the computer’s device manager and see if there is a down-arrow next to network adapters. The down-arrow means that there were no recent upgrades. Updates can then be done over the internet via the device manager.

On Apple macOS you can update the network driver by looking for software updates in the Apple menu. On popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora, the network drivers are bundled into the distribution kernel and be updated as part of mundane updates. Updating your network drivers can improve your network performance and reduce your ping in Fortnite.

What Are the Benefits of Lower Ping in Fortnite?

The benefits of lower ping in Fortnite according to verified methodologies include increased end-user control, higher game stability, quicker update rates, improvements to various game mechanics, and cheating against other players. Ping is the measurement of delay in the transmission of data from the sending computer to the receiving computer. As ping decreases, the amount of time it takes for users to be able to input commands until the game accepts their commands for execution is faster. As a result, users are able to exercise a greater degree of control over the direction they are moving, the timing of their jumps, and the accuracy of their shots during gameplay.

As ping decreases, the stability of the game and server performance is improved. Reduced ping times can allow clients to improe the manner by which clients communicate with one another. Crossbow_time, one of the top weapon aficionados in the Fortnite community, explains that in-game, a player with lower ping can shoot when they know they quickly need to kill another player, rather than waiting for the enemy to possibly outmaneuver them for cover. Reduced ping times effect a variety of game mechanics in Fortnite. A few aspects include the scrolling of two players’ builds against one another, the lag between hearing shot sounds and seeing explosions and the drop in Fortnite and faster looting times. Ultimately, as ping times decrease, cheating within Fortnite becomes more difficult.

Faster Response Times

Ping is a measure of time. Typical response times are 6ms or less for a broadband cable Internet connection or a fast Wi-Fi network, 10 to 15ms for an ultra-high-speed line like Google Fiber, as well as business or municipal LANs, and either 10 to 20ms on 4G, 5G, or a low-frequency Wi-Fi network, or 30 to 40ms for a satellite connection or an AT&T/Fire Optic fiber.

An improvement in service that lowers overhead and latency means a few milliseconds are coming off your ping. The majority of internet-quality choices range between 1 and 100ms, with anything less than 1ms thought to be entirely unfeasible. To ensure that your internet is capable of delivering a low ping, ensure you only buy internet packages from providers that provide the best speeds for the amount of money you are willing to pay.

Focus on getting the finest telecommunications and home network facilities for making your internet faster. Furthermore, ensure that your system software, firewall, wireless router, and other tools and devices are functioning correctly, without requiring too much bandwidth that increases ping. Kubernetes, a popular system for developing and managing microservice-oriented applications, can help reduce ping.

More Accurate Gameplay

More accurate gameplay is probably the most noticeable advantage from lowering ping in Fortnite. With decreased lag in their Fortnite gaming sessions, players can experience a greater sense of control and accuracy due to lower reaction times and better synchronization. Lower ping levels contribute to smoother gameplay in Fortnite which permits opponents to exhibit their in true form which makes for better gameplay and more accuracy.

Turning motion blur off can contribute to improved accuracy in Fortnite. Motion blur makes on-screen visuals look smoother but also results in them being temporally out of phase. Motion blur will result in a delay of a few milliseconds as the blurred image is shown. It is a small amount of lag so should not be overemphasized, however combining this unsynchronized visual input with existing network delay causing lag can compound the feeling that things are not accurate when playing Fortnite.

Better Overall Performance

Fine-tuning graphics card settings and optimizing your system are just a few ways to reduce ping. The best way to get good ping is to maintain optimum CPU and RAM settings; update your Windows, firewall, and graphics drivers; and maintain the optimum CPU and RAM settings.

Yet, the best strategy is to purchase high-quality, modern components with better speed, latency, and frequency. Consistent testing of hardware and troubleshooting to see which programs or elements are responsible for high pings are also required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Lower Ping in Fortnite?

1. What is ping and why is it important in Fortnite?

Ping is a measure of the time it takes for your computer to communicate with the game server. A lower ping means a faster response time, which is crucial in a fast-paced game like Fortnite.

2. How can I check my current ping in Fortnite?

In the game settings, go to the “Game” tab and enable the “HUD Net Debug Stats” option. This will display your ping, along with other network statistics, on the top left corner of your screen.

3. What are some common causes of high ping in Fortnite?

High ping can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a slow internet connection, distance from the game server, and network congestion. It can also be affected by other devices using the same network.

4. What can I do to lower my ping in Fortnite?

One way to lower your ping is to connect to a closer game server. You can also try using a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi, as it is generally more stable. Closing other bandwidth-intensive applications can also help.

5. Can changing my in-game settings improve my ping?

Yes, adjusting your graphics and video settings can potentially improve your ping by reducing the strain on your computer’s resources. You can also try lowering the “Streaming Quality” option in the game settings.

6. Is there anything else I can do to improve my ping in Fortnite?

If you are still experiencing high ping, you can try using a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to the game server. This can help optimize your network connection and potentially reduce your ping. Additionally, regularly updating your network drivers and hardware can also improve your overall ping in the long run.

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