Boost Your Game: How to Edit Faster in Fortnite

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm with its fast-paced action and competitive gameplay. One crucial aspect of mastering Fortnite is editing, which can make the difference between victory and defeat.

We will explore the importance of editing in Fortnite, the basic and advanced editing techniques, how to practice editing effectively, tips for faster editing, ways to improve editing speed, common mistakes to avoid, and ultimately, how to become a proficient editor in Fortnite.

Let’s dive in and level up your editing skills in Fortnite!

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a third-person multiplayer shooter video game developed and published by Epic Games. Released in 2017, it is free-to-play and available on the following platforms: Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, and Android.

Fortnite distinguishes itself from other third-person shooters with its unique animated graphics and the ability to build structures for defense or tactical advantage. Fortnite gaming environment is divided into two game modes: Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Fortnite: Save the World is a co-op survival game where up to four players cooperatively battle by building fortifications. It was released in 2017 but requires purchase, and offers a completely different gaming experience than Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite: Battle Royal is a free-to-play version where up to one hundred players play a last-one-standing deathmatch. It is the current format of the popular video game series. According to an estimate from Statista, Fortnite: Battle Royale had around 126 million monthly active users as of June 2021.

Why Is Editing Important in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, editing allows more experienced players to manipulate structures in a way that creates angles for less skilled players to be outplayed. While a skilled Fortnite player can definitely outshoot someone consistently when neither one is able to take advantage of architectural cover, you will not have sustainable success until you focus on editing.

A good player might be able to consistently stand behind a wall and seem invulnerable to someone shooting at them, but a player good at editing in Fortnite is able to not only avoid incoming fire but put themselves in situations where they can eliminate the enemy.

What Are the Basic Editing Techniques in Fortnite?

The basic editing techniques in Fortnite are as follows:

  1. Interfering squares: These refer to squares that already have structures built on them that you cannot change without breaking the structural element at that grid location.
  2. Interfering Volumes: This refers to an entire area of volume within the local space of a structure that you cannot change without breaking the structural integrity of the building.
  3. Directional Editing: This refers to the act of throwing a staircase off towards the left or right to block an enemy.
  4. User-simulated ping: Using the exact same grids as an enemy’s build, one creates low-effort edits to distract the enemy.
  5. Window Edits: Once peeking through, immediately cancel the edit so your screen is not in the window anymore.
  6. Quick and easy edits: For console players the fastest edits are single squares or smaller rectangles that do not require multiple button presses. On mobile and pc larger rectangles are relatively as fast as single squares.

Single Edit

Single editing is the easiest and fastest way a player new to learning the edit mechanics and tricks for Fortnite to improve. While one can practice this in peacetime, there is nothing like real-world game interaction to improve the edit.

The best way to get in this in-game repetition is to find drop spots and engage in selective matches where smart play and fir-lined attacking is the optimum strategy. Study other edits and engage in those if you have the opportunity though start with the basics so you build off a solid foundation.

Start by learning a simple edit pattern such as Stairs & Windows, incorporate that into a basic 1×1 cone box and iterate on this design. Just keep it simple as a beginner to speed up learning faster.

Double Edit

In Fortnite you can double edit to increase your speed even more than general fast editing. With double editing you are consistently selecting and canceling the selected squares with your pickaxe so you can easily set up your next edit. You can make the edits even faster by selecting the thumbnails themselves rather than the blue highlighted boxes when editing. This course by FNC (Fortnite Creative) demonstrates double editing.

You only need to work on double edit if you have a large enough field of vision to work both angles in such a way that doesn’t requiring craning and/or first pausing to check what one corner is looking like before continuing the next one. BaseasFB on reddit explains how to get more familiar with the cone technique.

  1. Use one thumbstick and the mouse to swipe up for a cone edit.
  2. Stop moving forward, down. Move your character forward.
  3. Swipe up for a cone edit.
  4. Select the center tile of the cone.
  5. Learn the muscle memory to swipe for two cones.

Double Edit Pros:

  • Twice the speed increases over one-layer editing
  • Feigning leaving yourself exposed when you’re really extra ready.

Double Edit Cons:

  • It’s best to have a large enough field of vision because the sore neck is a severe disadvantage when playing Fortnite

Triple Edit

If you need to edit floors, side walls, and ramps at the same time, this is called Triple Editing. This is only useful for pro players because if you are an average player, it is not required often, and unless used multiple times, does not provide a significant advantage. You do a triple edit the same way you normally edit, except you edit three different structures in a single swipe, which is only possible when you have 3 specific structures that form a group together.

What Are the Advanced Editing Techniques in Fortnite?

The advanced editing techniques are the more difficult, fancy ways most people do not use. You can use advanced editing techniques in maps and creative modes to get around build problems or to insert different types of panels and windows. Some advanced editing techniques described below are good to know but you will find they come naturally with enough time build editing in the game.

The following are some advanced techniques for building editing in Fortnite as described by That Denver Guy and the Proguides Fortnite Tips group:

  • Editing from further away. This reduces the time taken from the start of an editing sequence to switching weapons or placing a new build.
  • Advanced techniques involving multiple keys. You can use different keys together to draw windows, box edits, or roof and wall combos.
  • Modified door and window techniques to disrupt opponents.
  • Ceiling-Edit-to-Triangle-Edit combination to get over the heads of opponents.

Stair/Window Edit

The Stair/Window edit is a way for you to send enemy fire back at a higher angle to then follow up with powerful weapons. Start out by adding an extra edit to your default ramp, ending with the edge of the stair pointed to the right.

Flick jump and crouch at the same time to get under the stair, and you will notice the player needs a full second before he can move. This allows you a clear shot with a shotgun without him having a chance to shoot back. The stair/window edit is a well-hidden secret not many use because everyone uses a cone as their third stair edit. Notice how TSM Myth uses this edit for increased damage efficiency.

Klova shows it is also effective in a window build off.

Roof Edit

Roof edits are used when you need to quickly retreat after a failed push. This allows for a three-wall structure which can be used to make another attempt or hide from retalitory shooting by the other player. Roof edits allow you to quickly put up protection from above and to add a couple more tiles to the build area. Roof editing in Fortnite requires contrasting each roof tile, editing out enough of the tile’s features to merely leave corners or just one feature, and quickly swapping back to shooting or what else is required in the moment. Note that as working with one type of material is faster, begin to construct a base with that one material and then switch to something heavier if necessary.

Cone Edit

XYZ is a unique, rarely observed use of the cone as a building element intended to increase speed during editing. It involves the application of crouching while mice simultaneously clicking on two pieces to prevent one piece from building. If performed accurately with the proper pieces in place, the effect will eliminate the time consumed by multiple editing, switching and removal processes. Typing XYZ into Fortnite Edit Courses in YouTube will reveal numerous videos that demonstrate Cone Editing.

How to Practice Editing in Fortnite?

Practicing editing in Fortnite can be approached in various ways. Practice techniques should be individually tailored to a player’s skill level, weaknesses, and goals. That being said, there are basic components of editing that must be practiced regardless of a player’s unique situation. Some of the basic components are editing inside a box to control as many elements as possible, and editing on the move to best prepare for real-world in-game situations.

The most effective way to practice editing in Fortnite is to engage in targeted exercises. Targeted exercises are corrections to a player’s weaknesses and are unique to their largest problem areas. The first six drills in destiny.3’s Edit Map V7 for Fortnite are a good place to practice muscle memory. Alternate back and forth between different drills to prevent burnout and keep multiple skills fresh. Creative maps that place unique restrictions or requirements on edits are excellent for practicing bound edits and mid-combat edits. Variables players should be changing up while in these drills are:

Dynamic Range of Sensitivity (DRS) of the player – Mouse Sensitivity

– Changing the Sensitivity modes (Scoped Sensitivity, Pistol Sensitivity, Building Sensitivity, etc.) you’re playing on in implementing Saullo’s Exponential Aim, with the ultimate goal of mastering them.

Hand Position when holding the mouse

Location of Your Elbow while in your chair

Distance between Each Area on the Desk

Pushing Techniques when having the fingers press against the keyboard

Action tasks players should be doing are:

– Doing Flick Shots daily (seeing how rapidly and precisely they can aim + kill)

– Practicing 90s outside on the actual Fortnite map as often as possible

Creative Mode

Fornite’s game mode called Creative (Island) Mode allows players to freely explore, run and jump around, and build using unlimited materials. Besides guns, the game provides axes to help people practice their material and house construction skills.

For practicing building edits quickly, players can find many pre-made zones consisting of up to nine grids to help them practice building techniques. Each grid has obstacles to help players learn to quickly and accurately edit with materials. Players are able to edit and modify these maps as desired, meaning there is nearly endless space for creative and effective practice.

Edit Courses

  • Outcast_outline
  • Subwifo-edit-course
  • Stockholm0215
  • Skaavok-building
  • Raider464-fast-edit-course
  • Frenzygamersgroup-fast-edit-course

Fortnite Creative Mode includes pre-made maps that walk players through different aspects of building and let you measure your skills with others. As of early 2021, many folks were still stuck inside. So participating in this game mode was a good way to spend some time indoors. You can also use it to practice just edits to improve in your main battle royale mode. The top creators take both speed and skill in editing into consideration and some of the older maps go so far as to use glitches and even terrains in the game that have since been removed. Many editing course maps are considered unique when compared to the other courses, and help if you want to improve editing in Fortnite. Here are some maps to consider that people like. Go and try some different editing course maps out. You are likely to find some that suit your personal training needs

If you do not find any maps you like, you can always make your own – it is not difficult using the Fortnite Island Build tool. Here is a 4 minute video from YouTuber, Jo-Mart showing how to do it. If you decide to make your own map, you have the benefit of having full discretion on what you want to include to practice while also being able to easily repeat sections you struggled with.

In-Game Practice

Using zone wars, creative builds, and free build courses are the best ways to practice building and editing in preparation for real matches. Creative Courses are artificially created game modes. Created by the community on their own Island, the Island is a special part of Fortnite Battle Royale that allows players to experiment privately without the intrusion of others. To access these tap on the hanger icon followed by the island icon. You can then navigate to your preferred location and start practicing.

prosledge/code-red-nite prosledge/youtube, 2017 Zone wars are player-created modes that feature a living end-game storm and encourage fast building and strategic planning. There are various community maps you can join to play and practice for free. To access zone wars, click on the authorization box at the top right of the screen and then click on one of the popular zone wars. Editing Courses are struggle-free courses.Join one to practice your builds. For instance, Sugatipandey created an edit course which you can join by typing in the code 5453-6436-7787. You will even get a bronze medal marked on the wall once you complete it.

What Are the Tips for Faster Editing in Fortnite?

The tips for faster editing are based on both your hardware and training approach, as well as editing strategy. The number one factor influencing speed in Fortnite is frame rate. Enable the setting called Show FPS to see your fps during the game. According to a popular YouTube video by bfv, ninja and reverse2k have 240 fps with their new GPUs and 10th gen i9 Intel CPUs. To optimize this, have the frame rate maxed out as high as possible (144 or 240 if the screen supports it) and have high PC performance capabilities (GPUs, GPUs, RAM, Storage, etc.).

A PC with a 144hz monitor CSS increases how fast they can bond walls in wall editing from 400ms to 300ms. So, the best way to achieve a better frame rate is to get the best hardware that your budget allows. Pros do in fact optimize their setups to achieve the best frames per second (FPS). Reverse2k achieved a big improvement in his frames per second (FPS) which enabled him to bond walls faster by upgrading to a PC with a faster Intel i9 CPU.

Use the Right Keybinds

The default keybinds in Fortnite are not ideal for fast building and editing. To maximize editing speed in Fortnite, select the right keybinds. The most common edits which open arches as shown are edit floor, pyramid, and their respective waved walls. Placing these builds in close vicinity to still rely on alternating fingers should yield the best performance. Almost all of the most popular Fortnite streamers use custom keybinds for editing. While it depends on personal taste, most use keys close to WASD and a key that can be quickly pressed with the thumb.

Utilize Turbo Building

A good way to edit faster in Fortnite is to utilize the building assist speed in Turbo Building, a setting that will immediately and automatically place a structure piece as soon as one is destroyed. This setting is great to have on while learning to edit as it prevents delay in placing and editing structures.

There are some key settings for Fortnite editing and building that greatly benefit from Turbo-building. Having a controller with a customized layout is highly advantageous for both editing and building, as the time taken by the right hand to move from camera to building/editing often hinders speed. Pro Fortnite player Nickmercs has multiple building pieces binded to the right stick that gives him the organizer needed to edit.

Having the edit preference in Release in the settings page rather than Confirm allows the player to skip an extra click, which is optimal for those using turbo building. This extra click wouldn’t slow down a player using quite a lot of metal or brick buildings, but the quicker they could edit the faster they would likely to take down the structure and move in for the elimination with projectile weapons.

Master the Timing

  1. Play on a good day.
  2. Play when the game has had an update.

Deciding when to play depends on the original server speed of your connection and when the game server has had its last update. Server load heavy days could degrade your connection and impair your ability to edit faster. Server updates can instigate lags and introduce new network protocols which could create issues in previously problem-free connections. The following steps should help identify when to play.

`ping `

For your current connection speed and reliability.

`ping `

For the current speed and reliability of Fortnite game server uptime.

`tracert `

To understand where along the routing path to the Fortnite server latency is occurring.


`tracert `

For debugging your own network.


`tracert `

For debugging Fortnite’s network.


`netstat -b `

Can show how much bandwidth your computer is sending to the game.

Learn to Predict Your Opponent’s Moves

Learning to predict your opponent’s movements in Fortnite is essential for developing a fast play style because it allows you to stay one step ahead of them and know where to edit or build before they arrive.

According to a source on Dot Esports, reading your opponent is key and investigating how he builds will help in predicting some of the moves. If your opponent consistently attempts to ramp rush, you can build a free-standing wall interrupting their attack then use the opportunity to edit through your initial build and get a clear shot.

Others, according to Quora posts on the same subject as linking the speed of building edits with testing their movement and then predicting their next edit position quickly, may choose one of their controllers and edit commands and make that their primary choice, practice their aiming and firing afterwards at that same target position.

All of these methods are best advanced by practicing with Bot Fights, as the enemy bots in Fortnite’s training mode are typically quicker at aiming and firing back than the trainable settings will be.

How to Improve Editing Speed in Fortnite?

The way to edit faster in Fortnite is to improve editing speed. To improve editing speed in Fortnite, you can practice common and situational edit tasks, including editing in new courses built in creative mode. Warm up with Mongraal’s edit course, then use Raider464’s to apply what you learned. In the course of a game, look for opportunities to work on your editing, as this can be the hardest but most effective way to improve quickly.

Practice Consistently

Practice consistently in Fortnite means taking fifteen minutes out of each day to train in Creative Mode before playing. This will help the player remember how to do certain edits and train their fingers to be able to quickly accomplish them during fights. Play for the Learning Experience. Learn from opponents by engaging instead of hiding or attempting to show off by trying to edit everything even if not necessary.

Watch and Learn from Professional Players

Watching professional players is a great way to learn to be more efficient in Fortnite while also improving overall play. Professional players in arenas, tournaments, and on social media sites offer a high-quality demonstration of the most competitive and successful tactics.

Even competitive professional player Canadian player Buhga’s 9.25-second world record at the John Wick LTM building course on Frag’s Fortnite Zone advanced building course is available. This world-class free educational content includes expected first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee Williams’ Fortnite World Cup qualification win, sniping demonstrations from content creators such as streamer Tfue, and map-reading zone rotation analysis from professional player MrSavageM.

Analyze Your Own Gameplay

Fortnite highlights mode is useful for analyzing one’s gameplay. Immediately after a game, recording the last game’s highlights is a good way to see what happened that you were not expecting. Did an enemy just appear around a corner or from behind you? Did you break a floor or cone that got an enemy killed, or did you not build fast enough to avoid getting hit?

Reviewing the highlights of Fortnite players allows the user to get a decent idea of what they did wrong and what they did right. These personal reviews using the replay feature can train the habit of faster editing. Choosing to jump into Edit ground tool and editing all already built objects to strategies that allow faster movement for muting your inputs can help create greater comfortability with the different edit commands. Additionally, watching replays in half speed can help ingrain these control movements and edits into muscle memory.

Reviewing Fortnite highlights is an additional step that can further enhance one’s gameplay by analyzing opponents, determining their movements, predicting points of contact, and making better decisions based on that analysis. Despite this, the extent of the benefits of analyzing one’s own highlights is limited in the performance of faster and more precise editing particularly as it relates to building.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid in Editing in Fortnite?

The most common mistakes to avoid in editing in Fortnite are:

  1. Unnecessary Editing
  2. Slow Restart Times
  3. Ignoring resonse from opponent
  4. Predictability of direction
  5. Bad Wall Replacement Timings Under Pressure
  6. Unnecessary Peeks
  7. Building Switch Errors
  8. Editing Speed Slowdown During Building

These are the most actionable tips for more effective editing to fix these errors.


In Fortnite, when players hit the edit button on walls, cones, ramps, floors, or other structures, they enter a state where they can modify the structure as they please. This allows them to cut windows or doors, turn a structure into a ramp, or otherwise modify it to have unique properties that help them in their fight.

Over editing involves using these powers too much or unnecessarily. Do not over edit, especially in high-pressure situations. Only edit when it advantages your fight.

Not Using the Right Techniques

Using the right techniques is all about positioning your crosshair properly, jumping, keeping your aim tight, and playing less predictably. The various different ways to edit in Fortnite are not techniques on their own, instead, they are functions within the game meant to be applied as part of your editing arsenal. That’s why first mastering how to edit in Fortnite is essential.

Panicking Under Pressure

Panicking under pressure is a widespread and tough issue to comprehend because it manifests itself in different circumstances for different people. The most normal cause is a loss of awareness and mental control when rapid, higher-level cognitive processing is needed under high-stress conditions. This can happen when you feel you are underperforming or have to swiftly assess non-routine tasks such as multitasking during game rounds, team coordination, and quick situational assessment.

The best recommendation to reduce panicking under pressure is focusing solely on your thoughts, and particularly to identify the specific distinct feeling of losing control among others in the high-stress situation. The aim is to pause for a brief moment and then build the emotional and rational headquarters from the ground up. Just as one sets up advanced infrastructures and equipment on Fortnite, so too in cognitive training, where at first one can only learn how to control one’s thoughts during trivial, highly controlled panic situations.

Further education and practice are then required to incorporate those abilities into other circumstances in order to minimize the impact of panicking under pressure of different forms, much like learning and honing advanced editing skills in Fortnite and then using them in other pressured situations.


The best way to edit faster in Fortnite is to practice practice practice! The more familiar you are with common editing moves, the more muscle memory you can rely on to help you edit quickly in unique situations. Playing custom games can be a good option to work on your skills. Another way to work on your editing speed is to research and perform certain editing exercises. Some of these are shown in the Nick Eh 30’s Improving Editing Speed section above. To work on your Fortnite editing speed, you can leverage some of fortnite’s best editing maps. These include Angebleu’s Edit and Aim Course, Faze Mongraal’s X-Run Edit Course, Geerzy’s Realistic 1v1 Simulator, and Smart’s World Cup Powered Zone Wars Code. Using these maps and performing various editing exercises can help you improve your editing speed and practice using different keybinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Edit Faster in Fortnite?

To edit faster in Fortnite, you can use the edit button bind option and practice editing in creative mode.

2. What is the best way to improve editing speed in Fortnite?

The best way to improve editing speed in Fortnite is to practice regularly in creative mode and to learn and utilize advanced editing techniques.

3. Is there a specific key bind that can help with editing speed in Fortnite?

Yes, the edit button bind option allows you to quickly and efficiently edit structures in Fortnite, making it a great tool for improving editing speed.

4. How can I practice editing faster in Fortnite?

You can practice editing faster in Fortnite by setting up an editing course in creative mode or joining editing-based creative maps.

5. Are there any tips for improving editing speed in Fortnite?

Yes, some tips for improving editing speed in Fortnite include using the edit button bind, familiarizing yourself with different editing techniques, and practicing regularly.

6. Can I improve my editing speed by watching tutorial videos?

Yes, watching tutorial videos on editing techniques and tips can help you improve your editing speed in Fortnite. You can also watch replays of skilled players to learn and adapt their techniques.

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