Achieve 0 Ping in Fortnite Without Ethernet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of lagging in Fortnite due to high ping?

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain what ping is, why it is crucial in Fortnite, and how you can check and improve your ping for a better gaming experience.

From using a wired connection to optimizing your game settings, we will provide you with practical tips to reduce your ping and even achieve zero ping without Ethernet.

Stay tuned to find out how to conquer the virtual battlefield with smooth gameplay!

What is Ping?

Ping refers to the amount of time it takes for one packet of data to depart from the device a user is playing on, travel through the internet, and arrive at the server of the game or website being used.

The server then sends back an acknowledgement to the device which makes up the return path of the ping. The server processes the information and sends it back in another packet of data to the device which the gamer receives and processes.

When discussed casually ping refers to a time lag measured in milliseconds for a user to communicate with the gaming device or computer vs a server of a game or application. The ping time is displayed on a screen with a group of statistics monitoring the game’s network performance.

More specifically, ping times vary across nodes on the Internet and typically the speed at which a user can interact with web platforms is the same as the local (last mile) speed provided by your Internet service provider. In Fortnite, signal contributes to ping measurement for the entire route between user and Fortnite server.

Why is Ping Important in Fortnite?

Ping is important in Fortnite because the lower your ping in the game, the less lag you will experience. Lower ping ensures a quicker response time in the game so player actions can happen without delay. Ping values in Fortnite should be under 60 ms for a good experience with 0 ms best. Having high ping in Fortnite means delay, glitches, and rubberbanding, and is harmful to player performance.

How to Check Your Ping in Fortnite?

You can check your ping in Fortnite by following these steps:

1. Open the Game Settings: Start Fortnite. In the lobby, press the Esc key on your keyboard, three horizontal lines on your screen, or the start button on your controller.

2. Once you’re in the game settings stage go to the GAME tab on the bottom of your screen and input the following text: networkInfo.

3. You will see all the network data on the right side of the display, including the ping on Fortnite.

What is the Ideal Ping for Fortnite?

The ideal ping for Fortnite in order to have the smoothest gameplay possible is between 0 and 20 milliseconds. Realistically, latency is affected by the network infrastructure and stacks, the processing and transmitting ability of the sending device, the expected rates of and reasons for packet loss, and similar metrics from the receiving device’s performance. The game itself or the gaming VPN used may be introducing extra latency, but aiming to keep pings between 0 and 20 milliseconds ensures that rooms will feel mostly lag-free.

Avoiding late packets and jitters means an overall smoother gaming experience, as mentioned by Riot Games.

  • 0 to 50ms. If your ping is 0 to 50ms then this suggests that your internet is most likely providing good latency levels. Packet loss isn’t apparent at this stage, so the connection should feel stable.
  • 50 to 100ms. You have an average but not bad ping. You may experience inconsistencies while gaming, but for the most part, gameplay is stable.
  • 100 to 150ms. Your ping speed is starting to become quite noticeable. At times it can dramatically slow down your connection and make gameplay much slower at higher pings.
  • 150 to 200ms. Consider the VPN options for gaming. Mid-range/high ping should remain functional. It will start causing serious challenges around this point and even can inhibit your ability to stream videos or play games smoothly.
  • 200ms+. Shortly put, this is bad ping. Be prepared for gaming infrastructure limits and lower speeds.

How to Improve Your Ping in Fortnite?

  1. Switch to an active flat discone.
  2. Move the router to a central location in the house.
  3. Ensure the router is up to date and that it is not overheating.

According to Brian Hoss, the editor-in-chief of the Strategist, there are a handful of overt factors to consider that affect lag.

  1. First, there simply may not be enough bandwidth to go around.
  2. Second, gaming on someone else’s connection almost always means a degraded experience, either from additional latency, reduced available bandwidth, or both.
  3. Finally, some landlords might have systems in place to limit the amount of bandwidth or the protocols available. He explains that stepping it up with the landlord or getting an ISP that doesn’t allow shared passwords could be paths forward.

As Statistics Views explains in this Harvard Business Review article, knowing and understanding one’s upload and download speeds is significant for achieving low lag. Check your connection through several different connection speed websites and gaming apps, found on the main networks’ websites. If home connections are too slow or too laggy, users should skip shared networks to find a faster connection speed. Smartphones can be easily converted via private hotspots. And each device might not impact the game. Some individuals are not so interested in home internet speeds. In this Quincy Larson article about the slow internet he experienced on a daily basis during work, a reader responded that this slow internet can lengthen the time. It takes to load a website).

Take into account the Distance from the Server Location from which you choose to play the game. If using Wi-Fi, you may be far from the router. You will likely encounter interference from the materials your Wi-Fi signal is passing through if you live in an old house with many walls that the signal must pass through.

Use a Wired Connection

Use a wired connection using Powerline adapters. Powerline adapters improve your router’s signal and extend your home network by routing data through your power lines. Powerline technology uses your home’s electrical wiring to expand your network and transmit your data simultaneously. Once a link is established, the connection is secure between the paired devices. This is a suitable alternative if running a long Ethernet cable between your router and computer is not feasible.

Close Background Applications

While gaming, tabs that are open on your browser and background programs take from your resourses to run. You may have reservations about closing all of your browser tabs, but as a number of articles have pointed out, the effects of turning off programs such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Steam, Torrents, and Music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, or SoundCloud can make a notable impact on your latency. You’d be shocked at how much resources those resource dense sites take up!

Selim Akat, a tech veteran with more than 20 years of experience, told SitePoint News, “Having constant software like Dropbox running in the background is simply clogging up your connection.” This is particularly important if you have an average quality DSL internet connection. DSL connections typically do not have a lot of bandwidth to work with, and opening these websites can quickly hog up the bandwidth.

Make sure to minimize the number of browser tabs that you have open, and turn off any background programs from your computer before you start gaming. You’ll notice your ping improving significantly within minutes.

Change Your DNS Settings

Fortnite and most games connect to servers via the DNS (Domain Name System) for faster information exchanges. If the settings are not correctly configured, it may increase your ping considerably. Most users either leave these settings unconfigured after the ISP sets them, or they allow the router to handle these settings.

You can use the Google Public DNS (Google.clouddns- doc) server. This has been proven to improve latency as this service eliminates the bottlenecks that could be slowing it down if you are using an overloaded DNS regional server. You should also try using Cloudflare or other public DNS servers. Then enter the server number ( for Google, or for Cloudflare) as the primary and secondary DNS server for the network connection. Change the DNS settings via the Network and Sharing settings on Windows computers, or via the router if the Change adapter options button appears greyed out.

Use a Gaming VPN

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) help users connect to servers located around the world through a secure encrypted pathway. After connecting, the VPN will give information on the fastest routes. Gamers can use VPNs to select servers that are closest to them for lower pings. Common VPN gaming software options to try include Ping Booster, Outfox, NoPing, WTFast and Express VPN.

Update Your Network Drivers

Network drivers allow for communication between your PC and network adapters, and outdated or corrupted drivers may negatively impact your connection speed. Updating your drivers may help improve your connection and reduce your ping in Fortnite. These are the general steps to update your network driver on Windows.

Open Device Manager.

Find your Ethernet or Wi-Fi Adapter from the list under Network adapters.

Right-click and select Update driver.

Select Search automatically for drivers. Windows will check for your driver online and download it if a new one is available.

Look at the date after the Network driver to ensure whether it is updated. If not, download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website and install it.

You can easily install DriverFix software to scan your system drivers, find outdated or missing drivers, download required drivers, or reinstall plugged/unplugged devices drivers to fix your driver issues manually. Keeping everything updated is key to improving your systems’ performance.

How to Get 0 Ping in Fortnite Without Ethernet?

To get close to 0 ping in Fortnite without Ethernet, you need a strong and fast wireless connection that does not
interfere with your neighbors’ networks, strong wireless access points, and lightweight devices. Avoid
interference and higher latencies by not using microwave ovens, avoiding peak internet hours, removing thick walls and metal objects between your device and the access point in your home, and keeping
wireless-enabled devices away from your network appliances. The maximum speed can be achieved using higher channel bandwidth (such as from 20 Mhz to 40 Mhz), 5ghz Wi-Fi frequencies, and QoS for
bandwidth prioritize.

You can run a test in the Windows command prompt to check whether your wireless connection to the Fortnite servers has lower ping than other web services. Go to the network icon in Windows and click on Properties. It will list the IPv4 and IPv6 DNS addresses. Go into the command prompt (Win+R, type cmd and press Enter) and type ping -4 and ping -6 It will show the performance metrics for these two servers. Do this simultaneously with the Fortnite server, the constant time= should be closer to zero in performance metrics than other websites.

Use a High-Speed Internet Connection

Internet connections differ in terms of downloading speed, the lesser known uploading speed, overall bandwidth, and performance metrics like jitter, packet loss, or ping. The ping metric comes up for discussion because of the unique network topologies of online games that make it a critical factor within a digital matchmaking-based system. Having first-mover advantage or seeing an enemy before they see you appears to give the fastest connection a meaningful competitive edge in Fortnite. Again, Epic Games (developer of Fortnite) lays out the factors on its official help page as follows:

  1. How fast internet connection is. The time it takes to buffer you incoming video signal as well as when you hits are communicated in same ways. If your ping time is too long (or your video display is too slow) you players experience lag, which can throw off aiming and can make the game nearly impossible to play. The higher the internet bandwidth, the lower the ping.
  2. How good/strong the wi-fi signal is. The stability and strength of your wi-fi signal will alter your internet connection’s speed, and therefore your ping time in the server.
  3. The game server’s location. Fortnite players connect to the closest server for the best playing experience.

If you suffer from a high ping this may very well be due to the game forcing you to connect to a server that is further away, although for beginners it is good to try this and overcome the difficulty as an easy way to judge once and for all if poor service really was the reason for high pings.

All the advertising may make it seem like we have discovered plentiful new and better ways to interact with the world through the power of a virtual reality (and in some very limited technological contexts, that has come to be). But the way the internet works, from the information superhighway on which it transfers all of your sports bets and late-night attempts at fact checking, function through the soaked-in-cutting-edge technology that connects them to the biggest, bright all-day activities, is through a not-so-nebulous network of cables and buildings. That means that making the digital realm of Fortnite come alive, just as so much of mankind’s diverse experiences and dreams do through the internet, also requires being physically connected to the medium.

That’s a twofold issue. The simplest solution is to be connected though LAN cable (the technically appropriate term for the old telephone cables that bring you internet), the fastest means by which the vast resources of the internet travel to your device. This is the nearly certain, although often costly and energy inefficient method, by which one would proceed to play Fortnite without interruption. You can measure this through a speed-tester available with a suite of other services (including VPNs which can provide added security and privacy to your online anonymity) to determine if your connection bandwidth just meets the basic minimum requirements (at least 0.5-1Mbps) of playing Fortnite. If this sounds way too technical to handle, just renting a faster service plan from your internet distributor (even the most basic FCC requirements mean that most companies provide faster speeds than 0.5Mbps) and installing it onto your favorite device will solve the issue.

The second and more global method that is more important from a competitive standpoint (and for frustrations arising from lag from online services or online games), is the development of more stable and faster wireless networks. As humans, we have a burgeoning need for efficient luxurious services that don’t tether us to our devices with a Chinesherian chain. If the smart home revolution seemed revolutionary, it’s nothing compared to the changes unlocked by the even more digitally connected Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN). That includes Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks that outwardly sound and act like they were probably a way for desperate environmentalists to intern the slow and weak chimpscies playing Pokemon Go under an oppressive regime with some newly-discovered Macron light. This is all certain kinds of buzz males, of course, as the limited navigational spread gives a disappointing picture of the internet’s actual current buzz levels. Every smartphone and nearly every gaming device (if not directly into the internet, certainly through the marketing landscapes of always-online DRM) and blocking functions are built directly on the efficiency of the internet. This is geared towards that end, ensuring that the sense of impetuous despair from waiting is broken. Satish Ghanesh explains.

Optimize Your Game Settings

You can get closer to achieving a 0 ms ping in Fortnite without using an Ethernet when you properly optimize your game settings. These settings will help you provide a consistent internet experience with reduced lag times and packet losses.

What internet speed do you need for Fortnite best latency performance? Run a speed test to see if your current internet speed is above 100 Mbps. If it is you can enable the DirectX 12 feature without risking slower game performance. Restart your router (see step #4). Go to Fortnite’s graphic settings and keep the desired while running the game to be under 60fps. Activate Vertical Synchronization (VSync) to get removal of tearing and lag during gameplay. Lower Texture Quality Settings.

Use a Gaming Router

A gaming router is very similar to a standard home router with some additional high-end features. They offer performance improvements that can potentially eliminate internet lag and provide lower Fortnite ping values. Most have Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms that assign higher priority to gaming traffic and help lower other types of internet traffic which causes ping spikes. Some gaming routers have built-in lags switches that you can use manually to pause the connection when in a tight spot.

Use a Powerline Adapter

A powerline adapter is hardware that transmits electrical data through power outlets in a building. This process reduces the interference of a wired connection and is simpler to set up than laying additional cables.

When you are using a powerline adapter to play, you can often achieve a 100-1000Mbps (or even more) speed safely which in turn reduces ping. The stability of the connection on a powerline adapter is weaker than a wired connection, but roughly equal to the stability of a wifi connection on the same floor and separated from heavy power consumption devices such as microwaves or arc-welding equipment.

Given the better ping and increased security of the connection, powerline adapters are a very effective way to beat lag in Fortnite.

Minimize Network Interference

Network interference occurs when the signal between your device and the router is degraded by other wireless signals. Such as microwaves that operate on a similar frequency as your internet router and electronics that may produce electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Network interference is minimized by doing the following:

  • Being close to the Fortnite servers: This is partially a factor of your own internet stability, but is also negatively impacted by network interference. Close the door of your router room and try to ensure your computer and anything that may use wireless internet is a good distance from the room in which your router is placed.
  • Position the router properly: The router should be placed in a central part of the home, and ideally far from too many walls or floors. Make sure its antennas, if it has any, are pointed or adjusted to point in the direction of your playing device.
  • Keep distance from other wireless electronics and metal objects: LCD screens, wire mesh, etc., can all produce EMI which can degrade your wifi signal. Keep as many other devices away from where your computer is located while playing Fortnite to maximize your internet bandwidth.
  • Minimize microwave and 2.4GHz phone usage: In particular, microwave ovens and cordless phones can operate on the same frequency as that used by the wifi network, 2.4 GHz (a microwave operates at 2.45GHz).

What If You Still Have High Ping?

If you still have a high Fortnite ping rate after doing everything correctly, the problem may be out of your control and related to problems with your Internet Service Provider.

WoW Internet, Cable and Phone explains that heavy network traffic on your ISP’s network can affect your ping performance. This can be common especially during peak evening hours and can cause severe drops in your Fortnite ping rate. The solution is to ask your ISP to see if there have been any disruptions or limitations on their network that could affect your ping performance. WOW recommends testing your ping experience through the WOW speed test located at the bottom of their support website.

If your Fortnite ping is still high after ruling out outages/disruptions on your ISP’s network, it could be a problem of your connection going through a long route which can cause higher pings. If it’s not possible to change jobs, a VPN can force a faster connection called Fastest Server Routing. If you are still having an issue with high Fortnite pings some people may resort to using a LAN/wired Ethernet connection.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to retrofit your house with the updated networking cables suited for your needs. If the ISP refuses, you may have to move to a different area with better wiring or find a building with better cabling. Internet signal boosters and extensions might help but at a certain point, external infrastructure is all that will matter.

Ask your ISP to identify what the slowdown is between your house and their main lines. It should be either the last mile, in which case it is your problem, or the first mile, which should be their responsibility whether you are wired via Ethernet or not.

Check for Server Issues

Fortnite typically has servers in all regions around the world, which allows players to match solely with those from their general geographic location. When there is a malfunction with the server, network traffic tests will be comprised and players will claim that they 0 ping in Fortnite. Check for server issues by visiting Fortnite’s Status page, and going to Status to see if the Fortnite server is online and if it is experiencing any known problems.

Consider Upgrading Your Internet Plan

If your bandwidth is a problem, then there isn’t much you can do except speak to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They can test the line, try hardline options, and if they are experienced and suggest you upgrade your router or modem, you might want to listen. But achieving 0 ping has obvious limits and there’s little that high-bandwidth or high-speed internet can do to help if your gaming console, device, or server is achieving pings close to 0.

Switches like those of Fortnite use tiny bandwidths compared to what one device, even in a room, is capable of. That said, most latency at the ISP level is intrinsically beyond the control of users because of the way the internet is constructed. If an ISP degrades from peering with another network, there is little that average users can do. It is often difficult for major companies to recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I achieve 0 ping in Fortnite without using an Ethernet cable?

Yes, it is possible to get 0 ping in Fortnite without using an Ethernet cable. There are several methods you can try to improve your connection and reduce your ping.

How can I improve my connection in Fortnite to get 0 ping without Ethernet?

One way to improve your connection is by using a wired connection, such as a powerline adapter or a Wi-Fi extender. You can also try optimizing your network settings and closing any background applications that may be using up bandwidth.

Is it necessary to have a fast internet speed to achieve 0 ping in Fortnite?

While having a fast internet speed can help, it is not the only factor in achieving 0 ping in Fortnite. Other factors such as your location, server load, and network settings also play a role.

Can I get 0 ping in Fortnite on any platform?

Yes, you can get 0 ping on any platform, whether you’re playing on a PC, console, or mobile device. However, the methods for achieving 0 ping may vary depending on the platform.

Are there any in-game settings I can adjust to improve my ping without using Ethernet?

Yes, there are a few in-game settings you can adjust to potentially improve your ping. Lowering your graphics settings, disabling background downloads, and enabling “Game Mode” can all help reduce your ping.

How can I test my ping in Fortnite to see if I’ve achieved 0 ping?

You can test your ping in Fortnite by going to the game’s settings and selecting the “HUD” tab. There, you can enable the “Net Debug Stats” option, which will display your ping, packet loss, and other network information on the screen.

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