Unlock Your Winning Potential: How to Get Trophies in Chess.com?

Are you looking to up your game on Chess.com and earn some prestigious trophies along the way? From winning matches against other players to participating in tournaments and completing daily tasks, there are various ways to showcase your skills and achievements.

In this article, we will explore how you can earn trophies on Chess.com, the different types of trophies available, and some valuable tips to help you on your quest for chess glory.

So, let’s dive in and level up your chess game!

What Are Trophies in Chess.com?

Trophies in Chess.com are awards given to users’ accounts for playing chess, getting experience points, and demonstrating improvement at the game. Trophies reflect various accomplishments and milestones for chess players of any skill level. They provide a personal visual record of matches played and species. Trophies received by your opponent show the number of wins, stalemates, or wins on time of the player. The total number of trophies you have is indicated under your photograph on your profile.

How To Earn Trophies in Chess.com?

In an account, you earn Chess.com trophies by increasing account points, activity in articles, blogs, and game analysis., participate in site-wide events, and through various ways on the mobile application. Weekly Trophies are awarded for performance in the solitaire, deathgames, and Xiangqi forms of chess. Along with internal Chess.com trophies, you can earn money and physical merchandise as tournament prizes from participating in state, national, and world championships advocated by Chess organizations affiliated with the site.

Win Matches Against Other Players


The primary way to get Trophies on Chess.com is by wining match games. Players receive trophies for various aspects where they have outperformed other players. Most trophies on Chess.com are automatically assigned to the players’ profiles as reputation-building achievements instead of being separate icons to collect or gift to other players. This gives a rank increase or points for the player who receives a trophy as they are a permanent indicator of a player’s long-term success.

Winning matches from other players and the computer’s engine is the most direct way to get trophies on Chess.com. For registered members who started with an Elo (skill level) below 1500, achievements that come with being successful at the game (strong king, good knight, smart rook, amazing bishop, etc.) come quicker. Chess.com trophies are used together with their overall ranking system.

Participate in Tournaments

The Tournaments section of the Chess.com website and app allows users to choose from among many ongoing and upcoming chess competitions held by the platform. They feature standard, rapid, and bullet time controls and are further categorized by rating and entry fees. Not all tournaments have entry fees, so there are plenty of free opportunities to earn trophies in the tournaments features. Often an entry fee tournament will offer a high trophy payout as an incentive to its participants.

As with other methods of earning trophies in chess on Chess.com, it is a good idea to become a a Gold or Platinum Member to get the best possible advantages in your quest to earn trophies in the Tournaments feature.

Complete Daily Tasks and Quests

Players will get chess.com trophies by participating in daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. To check your progress, simply refer to the left-hand menu in the homepage of the page, find the Quests icon, and then press on YOUR QUESTS. Here you can see your progress for the day, the week, and the month. Additionally, each of these tasks will have an associated number of experience points shown for them, which easily mirrors the number of trophies you would typically receive.

Achieve High Ratings

Reaching 2000 rating or more on Chess.com used to be an official condition to become a Chess.com Tournament Director and have access to hundreds of tournaments including Golden membership with subscription access to the chess.com events calendar as well as custom trophies for tournaments organized by the individual and provided by chess.com. In a recent update, you may continue to set up tournaments as an organizer on chess.com, but the Inside Chess News profiles of tournament directors all show historical information that all of them reached 2000 ratings in blitz or bullet or higher.

Knowing Blitz? So how close am I? 984 At the time of writing, a profile displaying the same information I set originally shows a player from Madrid, Spain is 9 points from membership as a tournament director. How long is the road from 984 to 2000 on Chess.com Blitz? It was pretty quick, about six overnight sessions or about 30 games. How many games will it take you? Who knows?

What Are the Different Types of Trophies in Chess.com?

The different types of trophies on Chess.com are categorized into Performance and Activity trophies. Performance trophies can be won during rated games (standard, daily, blitz, rapid, hyper, bullet, and five-check) based on the following metrics: Games Won, Tournaments Won, Highest Chess Rating, Biggest Win Streak, Most Games Played, Longest Win Streak, and Stable Ratings. Activity trophies do not require a win and are easier to collect since they track your consistent interaction with the site. These are metric-based trophies that include the following: Principle Mover, Poll Taker, Coach Potato, etc.

Daily Trophies

To get a daily trophy in Chess.com, one needs to play a Daily Chess game (Correspondence Chess). Winning these trophies has a Challenging difficulty level. To win a daily trophy, a user needs to open their Chat tab on Chess.com. From there, in the Rooms nav of the chatbox, they can scroll down to Daily Chess. In Daily Chess, a user can challenge people they follow by typing @username in the chatbox. They can also start a new game against someone or see the games they have started themselves. Games are slower than standard games and users can take as long as they need for a move.

Tournament Trophies

Chess.com tournament trophies appear on your profile, and the intended and typical way to get a tournament trophy is to place as one of the final standings in an official Chess.com tournament. Tournament trophies will appear if the tournament is carefully organized. If they do not appear for a tournament, this could be because the tournament itself is not formatted as a tournament, or it might be because something went wrong. Contact the Chess.com Support Team for any questions on this issue.

Rating Trophies

Chess.com has ratings for all its players. The ratings allow the chess community to equate player skill relative to each other. The ratings in classic chess (time control at which each player has minutes or hours), bullet chess, blitz chess, rapid chess, daily chess time control, and chess variants are all calculated separately. For activity in these time controls and variants, a good number of trophies can be gained. How to get Chess.com rating trophies: The easiest rating trophy to get is the green classic trophy which is awarded for entering a rated event. This implies that even if a player does not play a single game, if they have entered a rated event where ratings of all participants are calculated, they are eligible for the green trophy. This alludes to ratings only partially reflecting ones playing strength. The trophies are meant to be kept as mementoes to mark that occasion.

How To Keep Track of Your Trophies in Chess.com?

To keep track of your Finished vs Unfinished Trophies in Chess.com, follow these instructions on the web. From the main home page click on the Trophies tab from the left navigation panel. Then click on the My Trophies tab. You will see broad categories which show all trophies, newly won trophies, and unfinished trophies over the last 3 months. More detailed trophy information that includes a sortable list against different categories is shown in the chart below. The Chess.com mobile app does not have trophy tracking features to see finished vs unfinished trophies on iOS or Android apps. If you have been told you have a titled trophy but do not see it, email [email protected] so they can manually add it. To claim a trophy, click on the trophy. Then click on the Claim this trophy on your profile button. If your privacy settings allow others to see, a trophy will be displayed in your profile among the recent trophies within just a few minutes.

What Are Some Tips To Earn Trophies in Chess.com?

These are some of the tips to earn trophies in Chess.com:

  • Play and learn chess regularly. Identify the types of trophies you want to earn and track your progress in achieving them.
  • Play a combination of longer games and blitz games. Solving puzzles can improve your skill and earn you the Puzzler trophy.
  • Engage with the chess community on Chess.com. Win team matches with chess stars.
  • Subscribe to get diamond membership. Diamond members can utilize bots more often in achieving some trophies and may earn them while offline.
  • Volunteer to help. Offer to serve as a mentor to help other members improve.

Practice Regularly

Practicing regularly is the most important way to get trophies in chess.com. Practice entails playing games, doing puzzles, and analyzing games you have completed. Try to study chess at least 30 minutes to an hour each day. This builds your chess skills and helps to improve the aspect of the game you are not good at.

If you are rated 1500 and trying out for a 2000 rating, you should concentrate on difficult puzzles. If you are rated 1000, then focus on the fundamentals and avoid the advanced mid-game tactics. Continuous practice keeps your skills fresh and competitive.

Frequent analysis of your games helps you to understand where you lack and how to improve it over time. You can view statistics for many aspects of your games, which may help you understand which areas of your chess.com play need most improvement.

Study Chess Strategies and Tactics

Studying chess strategies and tactics includes understanding Opening Theory, Endgame Techniques, and Critical Moments in matches. This category is best geared towards intermediate and advanced players. Opening theory is important because navigating chess opening positions can have lasting consequences if a stronger position is over-reached for or a too-weak position aids an opponent too much. Understanding endgame positions is important for creating strategies and tactics for transitioning out of the middle game and for late-game salvage actions. Finally, studying critical moments is essential for learning from one’s own and others’ mistakes and successes in highly pressured situations like blitz and bullet rapids.

Analyze Your Games

Chess.com provides a platform for the analysis of games and offers you advice and guidance on why you made moves that were not the best in a given situation. They encourage you to review their analysis after playing each game, which you can access on the My Games page by simply clicking the Analysis tab.

Chess.com has an additional free tool that is one of the most useful available called the PGN tool. It will show you what percentage of moves in your games match the best response according to Stockfish. It will also show you the three key moves from each game where the best response (according to Stockfish) varied the most from your move.

Those who take advantage of the visualization tools of the analysis and the probability of future moves by utilize their past records are likely to make fewer errors and eventually rise to a higher level of play and higher trophy thresholds. This analysis tool is available to all Chess.com members, not just premium paid subscribers.

Join a Chess Club

Joining Chess.com’s Clubs helps motivate players to obtain trophies. Some basic, casual, and premium clubs have Club Tournament Trophies. From these tournaments, the top-performing members receive Trophies every week, every month, and at the end of the year. The number of trophies won and the levels of competition in those clubs determine where you can be placed.

Club tournament trophies are one of the most easily accessible trophy types on the site because each site can run its own tournament. But it is important to note that not all clubs award them. About 95 of the top 100 clubs on Chess.com by size offer User Tournaments for their own members, but as of 2020, only 37 of the top 100 clubs offer them monthly or seasonally.

Some casual and basic clubs have achievement trophies for special milestones, as well as trophies for ongoing and ad-hoc club events. Some of the tournament types available for clubs include:

  • Regular USCF Rated Tournaments
    User-created tournaments
  • Regular Arena Tournaments
    Club Championships
  • Bughouse Tournaments
    Survival Tournaments
  • Crazyhouse Tournaments
    960 Tournaments
  • Atomic Tournaments
    Checkers Tournaments

Be a Good Sport

To get Trophies in Chess.com, it is important to be a good sport and follow fair play guidelines. Trophies are awarded for both tournament participation and tournament performance. They are a good measure of a player’s overall chess performance on the site which Chess.com ultimately encourages to achieve while respecting fair play guidelines to promote sportsmanlike behavior and discourage toxic attitudes on the platform.

Players who regularly show unsportsmanlike or toxic behavior on the platform may eventually receive the opposite of trophies when their account is flagged as having unsportsmanlike conduct. Users with improper conduct may be investigated, banned, muted, or have their performance ratings removed and face other penalties from Chess.com moderators in an effort to preserve the community experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Get Trophies in Chess.com?

To earn trophies in Chess.com, you must participate in tournaments and challenges. The more you win, the higher your chances of earning a trophy.

2. What types of tournaments or challenges can I participate in to earn trophies?

There are various types of tournaments and challenges on Chess.com, including daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments, as well as themed tournaments and puzzles. Choose one that suits your playing style and skill level.

3. Do trophies have different levels or tiers?

Yes, trophies on Chess.com have different levels or tiers depending on the type of tournament or challenge. For example, daily trophies have bronze, silver, and gold levels, while monthly trophies have platinum and diamond levels.

4. Is there a minimum number of wins required to earn a trophy?

No, there is no specific number of wins required to earn a trophy on Chess.com. However, the more you win, the closer you are to earning one.

5. Can I earn trophies by playing against the computer?

No, trophies can only be earned by participating in tournaments or challenges against other players. However, playing against the computer can help improve your skills and increase your chances of winning in tournaments.

6. Are there any tips for increasing my chances of earning trophies on Chess.com?

Aside from practicing and honing your skills, it is important to stay updated on upcoming tournaments and challenges. Joining a chess club or finding a mentor can also help improve your gameplay and increase your chances of earning trophies.

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