Learn How to Add Friends in Roblox Without Waiting for Acceptance

Curious about connecting with other players on Roblox? We explore friending others in the popular online gaming platform. Learn how to send friend requests using the Roblox website or mobile app and the consequences of having your request rejected.

We discuss if it’s possible to friend someone without their acceptance and how to stay safe from scams and malicious players. Join us as we delve into the social dynamics of Roblox!

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online platform (and game company) that lets users from around the world come together to build, create, and enjoy different social experiences in the form of 3D Digital Worlds. It is a free platform which anyone can both play and create games on. It allows for immersive experiences across all device types with users sharing user-generated in-game assets such as models, environments, and animations.

Roblox was developed by the company of the same name, founded in 2006 by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel in California. It is unique in that it is truly a cross-platform experience that can be enjoyed on PC, Mac, iOS/Android mobile devices, home gaming consoles, and in VR. For teenagers and younger Roblox users, they can build their dreams by exploring other user-created worlds, living out their fantasies whether those are games, theme parks, or many other potential environments as they see the limits of their creativity.

Roblox’s business is built on the capitalization of the metaverse by letting young creators turn their imaginations into a reality and share with the community for free or to sell. This has proven to be the ultimate sandbox platform for young up and coming game developers.

Why do People Want to Friend Others in Roblox?

Adult users on Roblox who wish to friend someone without them accepting this request may use this approach for similar legitimate reasons to those discussed in heading Heading:

Why do People Want to Friend Others in Roblox?

. Connecting and facilitating communication outside Roblox is most frequently used by adults but there might be younger individuals who wish to do so for safe gaming with friends they already know in real life.

How to Send a Friend Request in Roblox?

To send a friend request in Roblox, you need to already be Friends with the account of the person you want to send the friend request to. Follow these steps from the Roblox official website to send a friend request in Roblox if you have their friends’ Roblox username or their social media data:

  1. Open the Friends section of the Roblox website.
  2. On the right side, there is a field named Search for friends. Type in the friend’s Roblox username.
  3. If you know the exact name, the list will contain a user with an identical or similar name. Select the one you are looking for from the user’s list.
  4. Click the Add Friend button located under their profile picture.
  5. If you’ve already sent a friend request, it will change to Cancel Request notifying you that you have successfully added them to the Roblox on your PC, mobile device, or Xbox One friends list.

You can view Friend Requests Pending on your Friends page and cancel an incoming friend request by clicking the Cancel Request button. After the request has been sent, the player must invite them to initiate a friend request. The Add Friend option will replace the option in their Roblox profile.

Using the Roblox Website

You can try friending people on Roblox without their permission by the following steps.

  1. Open a user’s profile page.
  2. Copy the user’s profile page URL.
  3. Replace the numeric portion of the user’s profile URL with the person you want to friend. This changes the URL to your friend’s profile URL.
  4. Paste the new URL into your browser and press Enter. You will load the new profile page.
  5. Finally, click the follow icon and you’re ready.

The bulk of Roblox is already set up to not let anyone add you as a friend unless you grant them permission. If you are not sure about your settings or you received some kind of alert that someone had request to friend you, you may have made it onto the friend list of a harasser without even realizing it. You can find someone who you did not friend and you did not receive leaked information about by searching their account and seeing if it lets you friend them. Riley Bearden demonstrates this in a YouTube video on the topic. In the video, a secure adult account automatically follows back a requested follow from a specially registered privacy-violating bogus account.

Using the Roblox Mobile App

There is no feature to friend someone with mobile without needing their acceptance. However, if someone is not replying to chat because they have muted you, you can unfriend and refriend them using their mobile profile. Tap on their three dots menu icon, tap on the three dots above the friend and follow buttons, then tap unfriend. You can then refollow, and the notification may get their attention until they either refriend and unfollow you or leave the situation completely.

What Happens When Someone Rejects a Friend Request?

What happens when someone rejects a friend request in Roblox is business as usual. The person who has had their friend request for friendship on Roblox turned down will not receive a notification, and the subject will not be aware at all, as any institution whose friend request has been denied continues to be able to follow them as followers.

If you discover that you do not have any ability to restore a user you requested for because of their dismissal, personal Ambassadors gaming Experts say that you can mention the fact that It used to be that each following was bound by a friendship, but this is no longer the case. That implies that having people on their pending requests is unlikely.

Can You Friend Someone Without Them Accepting in Roblox?

You cannot friend someone without them accepting in Roblox. Before two users can become friends in Roblox, both users must agree to accept the friend request from the other party. If one user does not want to accept the friend request, the friend request will simply disappear and the two accounts will not be connected. This demonstrates a mutual desire for a connection and is consistent with how social network colleagues function in the real world outside Roblox.

Unsolicited friend requests are classified as spam and represent nonconsensual interactions. When someone does not accept a friend request and it stays on your list (sent requests list), this indicates that the person did not accept or decline the friend request.

As of quite recently, in April 2021 two-factor authentication (2FA) was added to Roblox. To be friends, both the sender and recipient have to be using 2FA and be at least 13 years old. Two-Factor Authentication is implemented as an extra step for users beyond entering a username or password when they log into an account. It prevents unauthorized access by having a second ‘factor’ or step offered to prove one’s identity and allow a user to access an account.

Using Third-Party Tools

You can use third-party apps when friend requesting on Roblox without them accepting because they offer enhanced possibilities for keeping in contact. Apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Discord are great. You can request contact details either within Roblox or after you have left Roblox, cementing your connection for the long term. Facebook Messenger offers all the features of Roblox and additional tools for voice and video chat. YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram give you platforms to link up on where you and your new Roblox friend are likely to have their own pages with more images of yourselves to help you recognize them in the real world by sight. They provide a place for you to coordinate efforts in games, chat, and set up arrangements for meeting in the real world or in trusted games where more supervised interaction is possible.

Evala Man of the Facebook page Entertainment Flare compiled the following features and explained the importance of them on their review of Discord. Roblox has a text and voice chat system, but it lacks the ability to direct message people except in Friends mode. Discord allows direct messaging through both text and voice. Privacy is key to Discord’s offerings since you can block users or ensure that unless friends share the same server, random people can’t enter a chat room or interrupt.

Using In-Game Methods

These are the in-game methods to friend people in Roblox when they do not accept your friend requests.

  1. Trading Items – Sharing items and skins through trading. Requires Robux and in-game currency.

  2. Follow a Game – Click the three dots on the game, choose Follow and invite them by selecting the specific game as your decided.

  3. Ride Animal Bots – Purchase a ride-able pet, provide them with your email, and let the animal bots do your friend-adding for you.

  4. Join the Discord Server – Search out the official Roblox Discord Server and make friends there.

  5. Messaging – If user messaging is enabled in the specific game you are playing, you can still send your requests through game chat.

Is it Safe to Friend Someone Without Their Acceptance in Roblox?

It is not safe to friend someone without their acceptance in Roblox and it is not a feature that Roblox provides. Accidentally friending the wrong person can lead to issues if they are dishonest or exploitative so you should always friend people in Roblox by waiting for them to have to approve the request. This prevents against potential scams or spam friend requests.

What are the Possible Consequences of Friending Someone Without Their Acceptance in Roblox?

Risks of friending someone without their acceptance include actions from the friended user on your privacy, unwanted cost accumulation, and reputation loss.

User privacy is at risk when ROBLOX handles giving consent for actions regarding private actions and information automatically. Limiting the number of outgoing friend requests will reduce these risks. Friending someone with malicious intent can cause reputational damage, as well as potentially lead to unauthorized subscriptions and account takeovers.

How to Avoid Scams and Malicious Players When Friending in Roblox?

You can avoid scams and malicious players when friending by following the general guidance available on staying safe and reporting problems in Roblox. Roblox’s Stay Safe guide provides specific guidance on how to avoid scams; however, this is a high-level list of 22 recommendations that can be followed when thinking of friending someone new. A proactive approach toward personal security in Roblox is, after having accepted a request and learned about the intent of the person who sent the request, is strongly advisable. Keep personal information private – while it might be fun to find out about internet friends beyond the screen, it is important to never give out personal information such as mobile numbers or addresses. Discussions with new ‘friends of friends’ should also avoid any discussions concerning such topics. If a user is aggressively asking about personal information, it is recommended to ghost or block them. For more help on adding someone to your friend list, read this on How to friend people on Roblox`.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Friend Someone in Roblox Without Them Accepting?

1. Can I add someone as a friend on Roblox without them accepting my request?
Yes, there are a few ways to add someone as a friend on Roblox without them accepting your request.

How to Friend Someone in Roblox Without Them Accepting?

2. What is one way to friend someone on Roblox without them accepting?
One way to friend someone on Roblox without them accepting is by sending them a private message and then clicking on the “Add Friend” button next to their username in the chat.

How to Friend Someone in Roblox Without Them Accepting?

3. Is it possible to force add someone as a friend in Roblox?
No, it is not possible to force add someone as a friend on Roblox. This goes against the platform’s terms of service and could result in consequences for your account.

How to Friend Someone in Roblox Without Them Accepting?

4. Can I use a third-party application or tool to add someone as a friend on Roblox without their permission?
No, using any external tools or apps to add someone as a friend on Roblox without their consent is not allowed and could lead to penalties for your account.

How to Friend Someone in Roblox Without Them Accepting?

5. Are there any alternatives to adding someone as a friend on Roblox without them accepting?
Yes, you can follow someone on Roblox instead of friending them. This will allow you to see their activity and join their games without needing their approval.

How to Friend Someone in Roblox Without Them Accepting?

6. What should I do if I accidentally added someone as a friend on Roblox without their permission?
If you mistakenly added someone as a friend on Roblox without their consent, you can always remove them from your friends list by going to their profile, clicking on the “More” button, and selecting “Unfriend.” They will not receive a notification about this action.

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