Unlock the Secrets: How to Ban in Roblox?

Are you a Roblox player wondering about bans and the consequences they bring?

This article explores the different types of bans in Roblox, including account bans, IP bans, game bans, and chat bans.

Find out how long bans last, what happens when a player gets banned, and how to avoid being banned.

Learn about appealing bans, contacting Roblox support, and the importance of following rules and guidelines.

Stay informed and keep your Roblox experience enjoyable!

What Is a Ban in Roblox?

A ban in Roblox refers to Roblox staff restricting, disabling, or removing an account’s access to Roblox content and services. Bans are typically issued for violations of the Rules of Conduct applying to general play, roblox online dating, the developer community, and the trading and exchange of virtual items. Bans can be temporary or permanent, and the exact nature of a ban is affected by that account’s behavior and history.

Why Do Players Get Banned in Roblox?

Players get banned in Roblox for the following reasons summarized from the Roblox Community Guidelines:

  • Self-destructive behavior: Using Roblox to hurt oneself or others offline.
  • Dating: Trying to meet with or date anyone on Roblox offline.
  • Age under 13: Playing Roblox if under 13 years old.
  • Inappropriate language and behavior: Saying inappropriate things and engaging in inappropriate behavior.
  • Hacking and phishing: Any kind of hacking and phishing behavior.
  • Impersonation: Pretending to be someone on Roblox.
  • Violence and building warfare: Engaging in inappropriate violence such as mass murder or grand heists.
  • Playing violence games such as warfare games.
  • Sex and nudity: Having any kind of inappropriate sex and nudity on players’ games.

Note that banned players cannot purchase anything on Roblox or use any inventory items they already have (Wiggin, 2021), and the most common reasons to be banned are verbal harassment and intentionally disrupting other users. Gamers are either permanently banned, suspended, or receive a warning. Accounts can be permanently banned if the account is found on Roblox against the rules and the suspension of trading and use of currency must be permanent as well to prevent offending players from simply using new accounts, as this class of players is deemed too young or irresponsible to manage currency or engage in e-commerce on the platform.

What Are the Different Types of Bans in Roblox?

There are at least 10 different types of bans in Roblox according to information available on Roblox.com. These are some of the most common types of bans according to community terminology, and they range from broad to specific.

IP/Common DoBan: These are bans that hinder you from using your software and network to access Roblox. In the case of IP bans, this occurs with your primary IP address. These bans can apply to all users of that IP address, so your account and all other users sharing the same IP would be banned.

Permanent Ban: This is the harshest form of ban that hinders you from accessing Roblox. They occur for violations of Roblox’s community standards that are deemed to be the most severe, but also the least likely to change from their severity. They can be based on user reports, exposure in video content, and other factors.

Chat Ban/Exploiting Ban: These occur when Roblox bars your account from accessing chat. Chat bans and exploiting bans have taken various forms at different times with different durations.

Account Locks: These occur when Roblox bars you from accessing your account and its underlying economy and creations. Roblox will email the user a message when they lock an account.

Account Bans

Roblox account bans are actions taken by Roblox to restrict users from interacting with the Roblox platform. Types of bans include 7-day or 14-day bans where Roblox temporarily restricts someone’s access to the site for violating the rules, and permanent bans. Preventing accounts from making purchases or otherwise scamming users without deleting the accounts is another form of ban. Accounts can be banned for violating the Community Standards, Terms & Conditions, or the Roblox Game Developer’s TOS.

IP Bans

IP (Internet Protocol) banning is a method of Banning in Roblox by revoking a user’s computer’s access to Roblox. There are three ways to perform an IP Ban in Roblox.

1. HTTPorns Roblox IP ban method.

2. VPN Linkage Network method.

3. Via a User’s or Parent Network’s router specifically blocking ports that Roblox uses so that the computer can not connect to Roblox. IP Banning in Roblox is not performed as a means to remove unwanted players, but rather is employed by Roblox in response to computer networks and/or systems manipulating Roblox to give individual player accounts an unfair advantage through illegal means.

Game Bans

In Roblox, game bans are at the discretion of individual game developers, and not all games have or support a game ban feature. Game bans range from short-term exclusions of 24 hours to permanent bans with little chance of appeal. Game bans may be applied by game developers or selected moderators and can be applied for any reason when they believe it serves their game.

Game bans are added manually and apply only to the specific Roblox game where the ban was given. Game bans are kept separate from all other types of Roblox bans, so being banned from one game does not mean being banned from any others.

Game bans are visible to both the user who has been banned and the player or players that applied the game ban. Users who have been game banned cannot play in the game from which they were banned nor chat with other (non-banned) users in the game, though they may still be able to chat privately. Game bans do not apply to settings or features outside of the game in question.

Chat Bans

Chat bans are the opposite of muting on Roblox. If you notice yourself or another user being unable to send messages in a game, it may be because they are Roblox chat banned. Chat bans are temporary and are used only for a short duration to allow users to have a mental reset. Sometimes games also have Roblox Chat Filtering turned on that may disable your ability to chat, but this is different than a real chat ban.

How Long Do Bans Last in Roblox?

Bans in Roblox last from 1 day to forever. The duration of a ban depends on the nature and severity of the violation, ranging from exploitation (1 day ban) to unauthorized charges to the Roblox account (3-day ban) to using RW API to get around platform restrictions or maliciously reverse-engineering the platform (365-day ban).

For both hijacking an account or scamming, the minimum ban duration is 3 days and the maximum ban duration is 14 days. For the corresponding durations of all rules, review Chat and Content Roblox Community Rules.

What Happens When a Player Gets Banned in Roblox?

When a player gets banned from Roblox, they are they immediately disconnected from any games they are playing. If someone tries to log in from a banned account, they will not be allowed to play and will be informed via a notification from the moderation system such as the one pictured below. The account will still be visible in lists of accounts and the number of players displayed on content like the current player count on games will still include that player. The user’s money and items are frozen on his or her account immediately after a ban, according to a Roblox employee. The goal of the freezing of assets, according to Roblox, is to avoid disrupting their experience or creating disparity among other users who have not had punitive actions taken against them.

Restricted Access to the Game

The most straightforward demotion of a user’s playability is by Restricting access to the game. An individual as reprobate as a Roblox ban needs to be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt. In such a case, restricting them to specific locations within the game could be useful for reducing the negative impact of their conduct on others while also allowing them some level of participation. Site managers, being private entities, have a great deal of latitude to manage user behavior as they see fit. This bespeaks an unrivaled ability to create user experiences particularly well-suited to the medium and to target internet user demographics that are not well-served by other mediums.

When a Roblox account is restricted and the user logs in, an error message appears. The message reads, Your account has been permanently banned from Roblox for violating our terms of service. If you would like to appeal, please post an appeal through the email [email protected].. Though Roblox has officially stated in its resources that an appeal may be filed, the message does not mention a timeframe for the appeal to be acted upon.

Google’s CachedView extension can be used to find any specific directive that Roblox gave when Google was last there. To limit the risk of users being banned from the site and their game, parents and guardians are recommended to utilize the Privacy Settings found under Security to prevent such issues. For more information on Roblox bannings, refer to How to ban someone from your Roblox game?.

Loss of Virtual Items and Currency

For moderately disruptive behavior, Roblox staff may ban by imposing a Loss of Virtual Items and Currency. According to the Roblox Community Rules, Roblox strives to create an environment where people can be entertained with entertaining and amusing interactions. If Roblox Community members disrupt this environment, they may be retired or banned from the community, which also results in the loss of their virtual items or Robux currencies.

Removal from Roblox Community

Extreme situations of abuse or violation are handled by removing the accounts of offending users from the Roblox community. This is the most serious and final form of banning which means that the offending user will never be able to use Roblox again as long as they are signed into that account.

To remove bad users, Roblox employs the following steps:

1. After failing the judging panel round of moderation intervention, permanently supending account privileges will be discussed by the Roblox management team.

2. They will personally review the most severe incidents in which an account has disobeyed community standards expecting suspense or permanent suspension. Roblox teams can intervene if they feel it is necessary.

3. Early prevention of account abilities and sending warnings allow users to comply with rules if they choose, preventing the most severe enforcement.

If users who are given warnings get even more entrenched in breaking the rules however, they are likely engaging in user misconduct that merits removal from the Roblox community for an extended time.

Roblox has made removal very simple. User bans are managed by modifying the offender’s account suspension policy on their settings tab.

How to Avoid Getting Banned in Roblox?

Roblox has a set of rules which players clarify and expand upon via their mechanisms for reporting or muting other players. To avoid being banned from Roblox users can follow the following rules (though the Roblox Corporation has general guidelines, this list was compiled by the Roblox Community).

  1. Be friendly and help users from your community.
  2. Don’t lie, exploit, or cheat the system to your benefit.
  3. Reject and block players who behave in an abusive, discriminatory, falsifying or cheating manner – this will also force the system to learn similar player behaviors, thus reducing the chances of them coming across or affecting your experience with Roblox.
  4. Do not take advantage of others/users. For example, you should not go outdoors alone and entice users to join you in real life to be friends.
  5. Don’t steal other players’ work unless they’ve given permission, and avoid sharing personal details such as your name, address, phone number, or name of your school.

The main focuses of the Roblox Corporation that users should keep in mind are the requirements to play and keep it safe.

  1. Play’); include actual video games that a user might like in Roblox, have ways to talk to play with others, and make new games that users will like.
  2. Keep safe.If you do these things you will likely be avoided from temporary or permanent banning.

Follow the Rules and Community Guidelines

The best way to ban in Roblox is to ensure that every complaint is legitimate and to use the correct moderation tools as a warning before banning. A ban is the last resort according to the Roblox Community Guidelines, and the company wants to ensure it is not done erroneously or abusively.

Roblox policy states that they must receive three unique complaints from unrelated players before a user’s account can be moderated. This implies that the first two instances should be treated as warnings by Roblox itself and not by the user or moderator who receives them. But if you need to escalate, it is Roblox’s policy to start with an account restriction, and only use an outright ban if they believe account restrictions haven’t worked or the behavior was serious enough to call for a more immediate ban.

Report Inappropriate Content

If you are unable to ban someone through the player list, you can report inappropriate behavior by clicking the i button located in-game or the lower left alert button if they have turned the suspension in-game function on. You will be asked to provide details about the incident and include a screenshot if possible. If the player is banned, you will receive a confirmation email from Roblox. If you are unable to ban other users because the moderator game pass has been disabled, report the issue to Roblox. You can reach the Roblox Support team on their website.

Use Appropriate Language

Ways to ban in Roblox do not include Blocking or using inappropriate language to achieve a ban. In Roblox, blocking someone simply cuts off any communication or messages that can be received from that player, keeping the blocked player from sending messages to the blocker and vice versa. The player can still be interacted with, contacted, or reported via from a phone or from a game controller or within the settings. While some parents might consider using inappropriate language as a method to be banned in Roblox to attempt to keep their kids safe, they should be aware that the AI system might sense those words and send to a game moderator, which could result in a ban.

Do Not Exploit or Cheat

Player bans in Roblox are determined based on reports by members of the community regarding the inappropriate use of cheats and exploits. Exploits are bugs or weaknesses within a computer system that lead to unauthorized access in violation of the system’s intended purpose. Malicious hackers use exploits to steal user data, inject computer worms, and spread malware. Cheating refers to the use of third-party programs to gain an unfair advantage. An example of cheating is the use of aimbots and wall hacks in FPS games to see through walls and kill the opposing team with perfect headshots. While exploits and cheats are popular ways to play the game, they are crimes, and violators should be banned.

What to Do If You Get Banned in Roblox?

If you receive a ban in Roblox, an email will be sent to your account’s email address detailing how the ban can be removed.

  1. If you suspect you were banned by mistake, appeal the ban as read on the Roblox Help page.
  2. If you disagree with a moderation decision or have found a glitch, you can use the Player Reports feature or email the Roblox Appeal email address under the Support. tab on the Roblox website.

Appeal the Ban

Rarely, Roblox players are wrongly banned by the automated moderation system. In such cases, players can appeal the ban by visiting Roblox’s customer service support page. To create an appeal for a ban in Roblox:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account at www.roblox.com.
  2. Roll your mouse over the “Help” tab in the upper left corner of the page.
  3. Click the “Contact Us” link inside the “Help” dropdown menu.
  4. Read the site’s appeals guidelines, then click the “Contact Us” button.
  5. Compose a message explaining why you believe the ban is unfair or should be lifted.
  6. Wait for a Roblox representative to follow up with you in the Contact Us section on Roblox’s site.

If you do not like a response, you can follow up to see if they would consider an appeal for a ban in Roblox. If a Human Roblox moderator determines the ban is in error, you can be reinstated as a player.

Contact Roblox Support

If you cannot make use of Roblox Studios for moderation purposes, try to Contact Roblox Support. They will give you information on what makes them eligible to increase moderation. Through contacting support, you will have done the following five-point investigation previously required by the Roblox team, prior to being able to adjust the moderation power, for them.

  1. Checked in Roblox Studio.
  2. Checked user profiles to see.
  3. Searched using the full-screen experience of the Roblox Studio.
  4. Logged in or out.

In the past, bkstephen and ploore had given the following relationship between Roblox account memberships and moderation capabilities:

  • The first tier includes basic accounts with no usage, builder man (that is, old accounts created before September 2008), and the classic (2014–2015) builderman account. These have the lowest moderation capabilities. These accounts can have NPR limitations where they cannot join or chat in games, but usually don’t have this setting.
  • The next tier moves from 18-time gameplay in games created by others to 211 game creator moderation power (builderman) or 196 for Sponsored (that is, being invited from a classic 2014–2015 account).
  • The final tier is where the parental account of a player who is terminated sets their account to strict privacy settings with no one and no one in younger or casual options. This ensures that the player’s activity on your platform will be moderated.

If you cannot make use of Roblox Studios for moderation purposes, try to roblox customer service coontact roblox support. They will help you find the moderation settings to get in control of the potential risks of unmoderated gaming, as well as to find inappropriate content within their games. If you require Roblox’s phone number, please sign in, and choose the ‘contact us’ option to receive the relevant number for your issue.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Don’t just move on and forget your ban. Every Roblox ban is an opportunity to improve. Remember what got you banned, and make the changes necessary to ensure that it won’t happen again. Learning from your mistakes is a valuable tool in establishing yourself on Roblox. Understand what got previously banned players or communities banned and avoid similar behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Ban in Roblox?

What is a ban in Roblox?
A ban in Roblox is a form of punishment where a player is temporarily or permanently restricted from accessing certain features or playing the game entirely.

How to Ban in Roblox?

How can I get someone banned in Roblox?
Only official moderators and administrators have the power to ban users in Roblox. If you encounter someone breaking the rules, you can report them and provide evidence to the moderation team for review.

How to Ban in Roblox?

Can I ban someone from my own game in Roblox?
As a developer, you have the ability to ban players from your own game using the game’s server script. This ban will only apply to your specific game and not the entire Roblox platform.

How to Ban in Roblox?

How long does a ban last in Roblox?
The length of a ban in Roblox depends on the severity of the offense and can range from a few hours to a permanent ban. The moderation team determines the duration of the ban based on the violation.

How to Ban in Roblox?

Can I appeal a ban in Roblox?
Yes, if you believe your ban was unjustified, you can submit an appeal to the moderation team. However, not all bans are reversible, and the team’s decision is final.

How to Ban in Roblox?

Can I get banned for using cheats or exploiting in Roblox?
Yes, cheating and exploiting in Roblox is against the terms of service and can result in a ban. The severity of the ban will depend on the actions taken and can range from a temporary suspension to a permanent ban.

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