Unlock the Full Potential of Chess.com: How to Verify Your Email

Chess.com is a popular platform for chess enthusiasts to play, learn, and connect with other players worldwide.

We discuss the importance of verifying your email on Chess.com and provide a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Verifying your email grants access to premium features, enhances account security, and allows password reset if necessary.

Learn how to verify your email on Chess.com and enjoy the benefits!

What Is Chess.com?

Chess.com is a website with more than 75 million registered users that offers a platform for regular and online chess games. It allows users to do puzzles, watch videos, and join lessons and webinars all for free. They can enhance their playing experience by subscribing to a paid membership. Free accounts have advertisements and are non-customizable, while paid memberships allow an ad-free experience as well as access to features such as premium videos,lesson plans, master analysis, and computer analysis tools.

Why Do You Need to Verify Your Email on Chess.com?

You need to verify that your email is correct on Chess.com to ensure the security and safety of your account and friends on the platform. While Chess.com doesn’t specify the type of security risk that can occur due to having an email address entered that doesn’t belong to you, protecting email addresses from unwarranted association with someone’s name is a good security practice as an authenticated email is linked to a user’s account to provide them with the ability to reset their password.

First, the security risks: If you lose access to a forgotten account due to an incorrect email, there is no certain way for you to claim it back during security challenges from Chess.com automated or human systems.

Secondly, the risk to friendship: You may inadvertently share or misinform a fellow user by giving or having a fake email address that requires no verification enter the verification system. Genuine users trying to connect in a competitive friendship may ascertain having an unverified email risky and hence break the link over an apprehended spammer or phisher.

How to Verify Your Email on Chess.com?

To verify your email on Chess.com, go to the Preferences section of the Settings page. This can be accessed by selecting your profile icon in the top right corner of the website or scrolling to the bottom of the sidebar menu on the left side of your screen if you are on mobile. Look for Email Verification near the center of the email section. A green checkmark denotes that your email is verified. If you see a red circle with a line through it, click on the verify email creator link. If you do not see an email verification section, the redirect to this page feature has yet to be rolled out to you in addition to a still restricting how new your account is.

Step 1: Log in to Your Chess.com Account

First, log in to your Chess.com account. You will see account and membership options in the upper right and a toggle menu on the left (on many devices). If you have used email and username to sign up simultaneously, the email you entered should be written there. If you have signed up with either an email or username but not both, you will be able to see under the account if an email address is there or not.

To check or change the email if you are unsure it is the correct one you are looking at, click on the settings wheel to the right of your account and they will be by name under the heading MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION. There you can input or change your email address and enter a verification request again if it does not arrive in your mailbox. First, you change the email by entering the email address, press enter, then deleting the CHANGE EMAIL text and put a check in the checkbox, before finally clicking on the email you sent me the verification button.

Step 2: Go to Your Account Settings

On a web browser, click the arrow in the top right on the Chess.com home page. A drop-down menu will appear. Click Account Settings in the drop-down menu. Typing https://www.chess.com/settings into your browser, will take you to your account settings directly.

In the Account Details section, you will see Email Verified. If your address is verified you will see a checkmark. If you need to verify your email address, there will not be a checkmark and a message will appear prompting you to do so, and allowing you to resend the email.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Verify Email’ Button

After copying the Verification code displayed in Step 2 to your clipboard, go back to your Chess.com settings page. A Verify Email button should now be visible, as shown in the image earlier under Step 1. After clicking on the Verify Email button, a Verify Email Address window will pop up.

If the URL in the Verify your address window matches the one shown in the photo under Step 1 and in the URL of the welcome email you received, then you can be virtually certain that it is legitimate and you should proceed. You will need to remove any prior codes you never used. Keeping all the email windows open and arranging them visually can make this process easier. And Chess.com support has been contacted as shown under Step 1, as it is an alternative way to confirm the email validation link in Step 1 should you not get the email.

Step 4: Check Your Email Inbox

If the Check your email inbox text in the Important! box is showing, to verify if you have successfully registered with `Your Email Address?` or not do the following steps: This is the fourth step to confirm your email address with `New Email Registration?` after completing registration details and submission. If you are not automatically considered as having clicked on the confirmation in your email and will be prompted to, the message will not be present after success.

Step 5: Enter the Verification Code

After you have submitted your email, Chess.com sends a 6-digit verification code to the email you registered with. Enter the code in the enter code text box on the verification screen. The box should look like the one in the photo below. Do note that the capitalization of the code does not matter and will often default to all capitals. No spaces, hyphens, or symbols are used in the code and it is all numerals.

Customers who cannot find the email with the code after a few minutes can have it resend by clicking the Send Again button. If you still have not received the email, you can either check your spam and junk mail folders or see if you used the wrong email address (in which case you should go back and reenter it). If you mistakenly entered your profile, but not a full email, they make it easy to Cancel the verification process and start over.

Step 6: Congratulations, Your Email is Now Verified!

When your email and password work correctly while logged off and you see the verified email address on the Preferences page, you have successfully received and clicked the verification email. Before you get to that point and in case you did not receive the email, you will see an Unverifed status next to your email that allows you to Resend Email in order to try again. In case Resend Email does not work you may see a Request new verification email note which means you may need to contact [email protected] as that is their indication that they have blocked additional sendings of the email to avoid invoices for their service provider or to prevent any possible automation problems. Their support team will assist in abbreviation if you write something as simple and direct as Please re-enable my email address to receive new verification emails.

What Are the Benefits of Verifying Your Email on Chess.com?

The benefits of verifying your email on Chess.com include a temporary lift of certain account restrictions such as partial or full access to site features in the case that you are locked out of the site due to another e-mail linked address, and more secure password recovery procedures.

Alex, a Chess.com administrator, confirmed that for the most part there are no major differences between verified and non-verified accounts. To verify or submit your e-mail address, you are required to enter it in the E-mail field in your profile settings.

If you forget your password and the e-mail address on the account is not your current one, and you do not have access to the e-mail account that is in the account settings or the linked Facebook or Google account, it may be more difficult to reset the password. Generally, having a verified e-mail address gives a better chance of resetting a password. A secondary benefit could be you should need to change your e-mail for security purposes, verified e-mail accounts have an easier process for attaching a new e-mail address to the account.

Access to Premium Features

One of the primary reasons for a player to verify their email in Chess.com is to have access to premium features. While you can play free chess and use the chat features without verifying your email, many other features of automatic email authentication in Chess.com are only available to those who have verified their email address. Chess.com requires players to confirm their email to access better security defenses to protect their accounts and financial data.

One of the primary benefits of a verified email address on Chess.com is the security of automatic password recoveries and updating accounts. Chess.com states that protected accounts can only change their password by sending a link to the player’s verified email address. Verified security enables two-step verification. If a player has their password stolen, this setting will give them the tools to recover their password without needing access to their email account. Verified access to Live Chess and an incredibly high number of other additional options and benefits only serves to make it a valuable and easy-to-use feature. While the steps to verify your email on Chess.com is limited to merely opening the email and clicking on the link provided, the benefits are widespread.

Increased Security for Your Account

Verifying your email address on Chess.com provides increased security for your account in that the email sender will not get forwarded back to the site if it is unverified in case of loss of access, and they cannot verify it under a different name if stolen. According to a blog by Run A Security Check from runaseccheck.org, if the email used during account setup is not verified, the attacker can create a new account using the victim’s email and can reset the password. Best practices for this are by ensuring the forwarding option for the email during the check of a password necessary for password recovery on an email server is disabled.

Email Verification on Chess.com is important for your account’s security, whether it is because of lost access or in case it gets stolen. If you ever lose the password for the account and need to gain back access, you can still log in by resetting the password to the verified email you added. However, having an unverified address added may make the account permanently unrecoverable, as happened with a player on reddit. Another user was using a person’s iCloud account to cheat in tournaments and when they tried to add someone else’s email, they were declined because it wasn’t verified. They were then unable to switch it to their own email, and the user was able to restore access to their account. The email address can be creatively used as an intentional form of account protection after the fact should it be stolen by a form of social engineering called email takeover. If a hacker fraudulently requests an email account reset so they can access the account, they can’t actually complete the process unless your account is verified under their email.

Ability to Reset Your Password

One of the features chess.com mentions as part of their email verification scheme is that you can use it if and when you forget your password. If for some reason you need to reset your password, you thus need to have an email you can access so they can send you an email with instructions on how to reset it.

If you are changing accounts, email is the best way to ensure that resetting is as simple as it can be. Email is not the only method, even if it is the easiest to implement and provides an added layer of security. Access the Change Password link located beneath the Personal tab in My Settings within your Account Settings and follow the instructions for Verifying Your Email.

What If You Don’t Receive the Verification Email?

If you are experiencing issues with the verification process, please follow these guides from Chess.com:

  1. Check the Spam/Junk Mail Folder: Wait a few minutes after trying to Resend Verification Email before checking if it arrived in that folder.
  2. Use a New Email Address: If it has been several hours and the email does not arrive in the Inbox or Spam/Junk Mail folders, try verifying with a different email address and checking if the initial email was sent to a misspelled address.
  3. Settings: Make certain that your email settings for the provider you use accept emails from @chess.com.
  4. Be Patient: If your email has arrived in neither your inbox or spam folder, you should try to be patient and verify after 24 hours. It could be that Chess.com is experiencing issues which are impacting the sending or receipt of the email.
  5. Customer Support: If all else fails, reach out to Chess.com customer support by opening a ticket at https://support.chess.com/anonymous_requests/new or via Twitter at https://twitter.com/Chess.com.

Check Your Spam or Junk Folder

Emails could go to the spam folder if they are not verified. A 0800 hero magazine article mentions that ISPs can sometimes mistakenly detect legitimate emails as spam. Emails from real spam services are so similar that companies often get caught in the wide net that these spam filters create. Spam or junk filters from mail providers may automatically direct emails containing account verification details to the spam or junk folder.

Make Sure You Entered the Correct Email Address

If you entered the wrong email address when you registered or any time later, you cannot verify the email and password you entered are working regardless of other settings. To confirm the email address is incorrect, enter it into the email field on your Chess.com verification page and click the Send Verification Email button. If you see the following, there is no account with this emailThere is no account with the email address [email protected]. Click here to sign up”.

If you did make a mistake when signing up for Chess.com with the wrong email, briefly switch back to the correct email and try using password recovery. If the correct account has the email working, you’ll receive a password “reset” link. Switching the email again can verify that the email was the problem and that the account is the one you want. The email does not require a forwarder, so if you did that you need to actually fix the settings of the account by updating the registered email.

Contact Chess.com Support for Assistance

If you have tried all the options above and still have trouble verifying your email on Chess.com, email the Chess.com team as follows.

  1. Go to the Chess.com website. Navigate to Help – Contact Us
  2. In the support tab, decide what type of question or problem you have, click the button, and then look at the answers to frequently raised questions.
  3. If you can’t find your answer, go back to the top and click the continue button.
  4. A small form will need you to make a decision as to the type of issue and then a second small form will pop out of that for you to fill out a subject line and several sentence-long statements explaining your concern. The subject should be board-related and the body of the email should include the word “verification” and/or “email” to help clarify the issue.
  5. Click video chat, or if the wait time is long, email and they will assist you.

Adel Claudio successfully got the email verified with the help of the Chess.com team. He was nice enough to notice us in the comments that they successfully verified it, and had the following to say about the process.

You can open the problem chat support of Chess.com then press the call, inside the call you can ask them to verify your email and it helps me to finish quickly. Note: Please prepare all the data needed to verify your email if they ask for it (photo ID, proof of address, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I verify my email address on Chess.com?
To verify your email on Chess.com, log into your account and click on the “Settings” tab. From there, click on “Account Details” and you will see an option to verify your email address. Simply click on the “Verify” button and follow the instructions in the email that is sent to you.

2. Why is it important to verify my email on Chess.com?
Verifying your email on Chess.com helps to secure your account and ensures that you have access to important account updates and notifications. It also allows you to reset your password if you ever forget it.

3. Can I verify my email on Chess.com at a later time?
Yes, you can verify your email at any time by following the steps mentioned above. However, it is recommended to verify your email as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues with your account.

4. I didn’t receive the verification email from Chess.com. What should I do?
If you did not receive the verification email, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still cannot find it, try requesting a new verification email. If the issue persists, you may need to contact Chess.com’s customer support for further assistance.

5. Can I change my email address after verifying it on Chess.com?
Yes, you can change your email address on Chess.com even after verifying it. Simply go to your account settings and click on “Change Email Address” to update your information.

6. Will verifying my email on Chess.com also verify my email on Chess.com forums?
No, verifying your email on Chess.com will only verify your email for your Chess.com account. If you would like to verify your email for the forums, you will need to do so separately through the forums settings.

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