Unlock All Bots in Chess.com for Free – Here’s How!

Are you an avid chess player looking to enhance your skills and strategies?

Unlocking all bots in Chess.com could be the key to taking your game to the next level.

In this article, we will explore how you can unlock all bots for free by completing daily tasks, participating in tournaments, referring friends, using bonus codes, subscribing to premium membership, and more.

Discover the benefits of unlocking all bots, including access to a variety of skill levels, practicing against specific strategies, and improving your overall gameplay.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play anytime and anywhere without waiting for human opponents.

What Are Bots in Chess.com?

Bots in Chess.com are in-house programs that are designed to play chess with users and vice versa. They are an essential part of the site’s platform and one of the many features offered to premium members. Bots are situated in the playbots room, which consists of various boards alongside their bots. Users can easily interact with Chess.com’s bots by choosing a board and challenging the bot of their choice to a game.

The only way to interact with a bot for free is playing a Chess.com bot is playing Mr. Dodge, a bot that plays against more than one opponent simultaneously, just like in multi-board simuls with grandmasters.

Chess.com bots feature the following parameters:

  1. Playing Style: Human, Tactical, Positional, Aggressive, Passive, Tactical and Material, Random Moves, or Intuitive
  2. Opening Book: Determine what openings the bot can play with the “Opening Book” drop-down
  3. Time Control: Select from a variety of time controls, bullet, blitz, rapid, and correspondence

Why Would Someone Want to Unlock All Bots in Chess.com?

Someone would want to unlock all bots in Chess.com for any of the following reasons, namely to challenge themselves to play at different skill levels, to experiment with playing styles, to access more bots than initially available, to access certain specific bots that have been previously locked, or to bypass the subscription fee required to access bots.

I wish there were more reasons that all pointed towards the up side of chess.com bots. It would be nice if people wanted to unlock them for guidance, enjoyment, companionship, sharpening of skills. Unfortunately, the widespread reality is that bots are not particularly good companions or instructors, and that the playing experience with them is frequently poor compared to human opponents.

Players like John Bartholomew and Nm Footballbabe89 Cardona acknowledged the value of chess.com bots but found them lacking as training opponents due to various shortcomings including predictability, unreliability, illogical behavior, soullessness, and limited joy in playing against them.

Lee Chitwood has expressed the feelings of many chess players when he described frustrating encounters against the glitchy nature of bots.

They are rage-inducing to play against. These stupid bots would get so lucky SO MANY TIMES. I was furious.

Although unlocking all chess.com bots is free using the previously outlined steps and users can increase the number of unlocked bots (albeit at a subscription cost to chess.com) the other problems remain. Nonetheless, acknowledgment of the above reasons makes it clear that the overall value and experience of bots can be beneficial to players so long as the player understands and manages the negative aspects.

How Can Someone Unlock All Bots in Chess.com for Free?

Someone can unlock all bots in Chess.com for free by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Chess.com website and create a free account. Only a free account is necessary to use all the free bots.
  2. Start exploring the two free bots available, the Level 1 and Level 2 Magnus Bots that are programmed to play like the official international grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.
  3. If you want to unlock bots higher than level 2, upgrade to a Premium account. There are many additional benefits to Premium. Its cost is $7/month or $70/year.

Cheating to try all the bots is viable, but it is easily detectable, reduces the level of fun and skill development, and, if done with a paid account, may lead to severe punishment. Users willing to pay can upgrade, and those who seek to do everything completely for free can simply explore the many free bots available on level 1 and level 2. There is also every likelihood that one day a full 7-day trial of Chess.com Premium will be available, which is effectively also completely free to use all the bots within that trial period.

Complete Daily Tasks and Quests

To unlock all premium upgrade bots for free, you will have to consistently complete daily tasks and quests in the Chess.com app. You can complete up to six daily tasks by playing one game per day, solving a daily puzzle, analyzing your game, watching a video, and then reviewing points learned and completing puzzles. You can check your progress on the side menu by going to the ‘Watch‘ screen in the Chess.com app for Android and iOS. Escape distractions with our Challenger Smartybot is unlocked after you complete all tasks for 6 days. You can complete up to 12 daily quests by playing a game, sharing a game, solving a puzzle, studying moves, or using the training plans. You can check your daily quest progress in the ‘Play‘ and ‘Play Timed‘ tabs and the lock icons to see which quests are missing.

Participate in Tournaments

There are three types of tournaments on Chess.com: Site-wide Tournaments, Clan Tournaments, and Huge Team Battleground Tournaments. Site-wide tournaments are accessible to all. Clan and Team Battleground Tournaments have different low-level brackets and an auto-match system to ensure you are close to your rating and have multiple games, which can be great for battling to unlock new bots and practice against them.

Refer Friends to Join Chess.com

If you refer paid friends to Chess.com, you can receive 20 days of bot usage for free. This option is available in the Get Free Gold section under Promo Links. When you click on get your referral link, your referral link is generated, which you can copy and share with friends for promotion. Every time a friend clicks on it and purchases a plan, you earn days of Bot All Access for free.

Use Bonus Codes

Bonus codes have been used in the past to unlock bot levels in Chess.com. However, despite considerable searching, there is no proof or information currently on where to find them. New bonus codes were last offered several years ago, and Chess.com has not made them available ever since. It is most likely that the ability to unlock bonus levels using codes on Chess.com no longer exists.

Subscribe to Premium Membership

Subscribe to Chess.com’s premium membership is one of the least efficient ways of unlocking all the Chess.com bots for free, but worth mentioning are the advanced features offered by some of the premium memberships. Chess.com members who pay monthly, yearly, or biannual dues are entitled to use these features. These advance features include opening explorer, deep analysis of games, unlimited use of Chess.com’s AI powered analysis, as well as the advanced super NNUE engine storage and useage limits, and enlarged Chess.com database of opening references.

Some of the services that come with the premium memberships are beneficial for some members that use Chess.com but are of little value for the majority of the system’s traffic, specifically the additional title in computer play. While details about the current membership model and extended features are kept on private pages which require a membership to see, according to information from May 2021, starting monthly membership for Chess.com was $5 premium subscription at the monthly rate means the cost is $7.98 per month ($95.76 annually). While a majority of subscribers pay for premium services on an annual basis, there are some who opt for the monthly membership as well.

Take Advantage of Promotions and Discounts

Chess.com occasionally offers promotions and discounts. You can use these to get a Premium membership and unlock all Bots. While you can’t choose which Bots you interact with and have all Bots become open for the premium version, membership discounts are available that will unlock all the Bots associated with a given premium membership plan. When these discounts are available, Chess.com will send you an email.

Contact Chess.com Support Team

  • The final step in initiating a trial for other Chess.com bots is to Submit a Request via the Chess.com support page. Select from the Help Topic dropdown menu the entry that most closely matches the subject matter of the request.
  • Fill out the Your Info organizational and personal details in the boxes provided.
  • Enter the Description of the problem information in the box provided (Professional account request for other bots).
  • Then click Submit. They will typically respond in 24 hours. You can do this for whatever you need help with, not just for Chess.com bots.

What Are the Benefits of Unlocking All Bots in Chess.com?

The major benefits of unlocking all bots in Chess.com for free is that users will immediately have access to 18 new engines to play against. These bots are designed to replicate the skill level of human players ranging from 400 to 2600 ratings. This allows users to get a very similar experience to competitive playing. This can only be unlocked when using the paid version of Chess.com.

Access to a Variety of Bots with Different Skill Levels

Chess.com gives you access to a variety of bots with different skill levels to challenge your skill level. The feature is available without restrictions with a free membership. You can choose to play any bot at once, with a wide range of skills that fall in-between. This feature can even adjust to your level of play, tracking your performance to provide an appropriate challenge from their bots.

Practice Against Specific Bot Strategies

Playing against bots that you play against most frequently when playing the match with your friends works by practicing against one specific bot’s strategy. For example, if you play often against an opponent that employs a a2-b3 and g2-g3, you can use the Pro from Dover bot in Chess.com to practice against an opponent that tries to play these moves. This will help you determine new ways to directly target weaknesses in their strategy, and improve decoding these types of calculations used by your opponent.

Further, if you play against opponents that significantly outperform you in the opening phase, you can use Pro from Dover offensively during the opening to gain confidence and test how your opponent reacts to your aggressive play. In other words, your ultimate goal is to become a Pro from Dover your opponents may play against in real life.

You can use the ability to choose a specific strategy when playing Chess.com bots, as well as their ability to adjust the move time to your preference, to develop specific aspects of your own game. The following are various Pro from Dover moves are collected here to help different types of players develop specific aspects of their game.

  • Advanced players: Use Pro From Dover as part of your repertoire for White with the opening moves d4 Nf6 c4 e6 Nc3 Bb4 e3 O-O Bd3 d5 Nf3 c5 O-O dxc4 Bxc4 and play an equal match. Pro will likely go for f4, b3, e4, or a4, and this will give you time to think since advancing aggressively isn’t the best idea with a4.
  • Intermediate players: Don’t waste time trying to protect your Queen’s Gambit pawn when he goes after it. Use the time to instead strengthen your pieces before attacking or moving to dominate the center squares in some fashion with Black.
  • Beginner players: If Pro from Dover is your aggressive player, try to control center squares as fast as you can and pin pieces when appropriate. When you pin, move weaker pieces forward.

Improve Chess Skills and Strategies

Playing for free on Chess.com Bots improves your chess skills and strategy. This is not the most popular aspect regarding how to unlock the Stockfish Bot, considering that nearly all other options in the Explore area under 2013 Random are free. Yet, for devoted chess players, improving their game may eventually lead to getting paid memberships so they can access the last premium chess bot, Queen Alice.

Bots can help players with strategy and attacking and defensive play. As John Nunn states in the forward of his classic book Secrets of Grandmaster Chess that covers abstract middlegame concepts and strategies, there are no strict rules because these positions are endlessly rich. There are always exceptions. Thus, to become a master you must look at chess in a new light – to step back from the chessboard.

If you want a strategy of successful play from Chess.com Bots, games of the Leela Zero and Leela Chess Zero major version 13 analytical neural network bots provide valuable insights and are the best to play against.

Play Against Bots Anytime and Anywhere

In the past, you had to upgrade your account to Chess.com’s Premium membership to play against bots using a mobile device at any time and anywhere. It is not clear if this has changed on iOS, but it is now free on the Android and web apps with appropriate ads.

When you upgrade to Premium, you will have an ad-free experience on the website and mobile device applications, in addition to the SIMUL training feature.

No Need to Wait for Human Opponents

Versus Stockfish is a feature allowing users to play against the open-source chess engine Stockfish. A Time Control set of games is available that Stockfish will load and plot for you. To use this feature, go to Play as a Human on the Chess.com home page and choose Play [with computer]. Set the Engine Power to 1 and the desired Time Control parameters or selection of predefined time controls (Ultra Bullet, Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Daily, or Correspondence).

This feature is great for when you want to play a chess game now, but nobody you know is ready to play a chess game. Artificial intelligence can fill in to keep you from having to play with long wait times, even for a bad opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unlock all bots for free on Chess.com?

To unlock all bots for free on Chess.com, you can use the “Unlock All Bots” feature. This can be found in the “Settings” menu on the website or in the mobile app. Simply click on the “Unlock All Bots” button and you will have access to all of the bots on Chess.com.

Are there any limitations to unlocking all bots for free on Chess.com?

No, there are no limitations to unlocking all bots for free on Chess.com. Once you use the “Unlock All Bots” feature, you will have access to all of the bots on the website or mobile app without any restrictions.

I don’t see the “Unlock All Bots” button in my Settings menu, what should I do?

If you do not see the “Unlock All Bots” button in your Settings menu on Chess.com, it is possible that you already have access to all of the bots. You can check this by playing a game against a bot and seeing if you have access to all of them.

Will unlocking all bots for free on Chess.com give me any advantages in the game?

No, unlocking all bots for free on Chess.com will not give you any advantages in the game. The bots are programmed to play at certain levels and having access to all of them will not give you an unfair advantage over other players.

Can I still unlock individual bots if I have already used the “Unlock All Bots” feature?

Yes, you can still unlock individual bots even if you have already used the “Unlock All Bots” feature. Simply go to the specific bot’s page and click on the “Unlock” button to gain access to it.

Do I need to have a paid subscription to Chess.com in order to unlock all bots for free?

No, you do not need to have a paid subscription to Chess.com in order to unlock all bots for free. This feature is available to all users, whether they have a free or paid account on the website or mobile app.

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