Unlock Diamond Membership in Chess.com for Free: A Comprehensive Guide

Chess.com is a popular online platform for chess enthusiasts, offering various membership levels including Diamond Membership.

This article explores what Diamond Membership entails, such as unlimited Puzzle Rush, exclusive tournaments, advanced game analysis, and personalized lessons.

Find out how to obtain Diamond Membership for free by participating in tournaments, referring friends, completing daily tasks, and using reward points.

Discover the potential risks and drawbacks, as well as whether getting Diamond Membership for free is worth it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Participate in tournaments and complete daily tasks to earn reward points and redeem them for a free Diamond Membership on Chess.com.
  • Refer friends to Chess.com and earn reward points, which can be used towards a free Diamond Membership.
  • While there may be some limitations to accessing certain features, getting a Diamond Membership for free can still provide valuable benefits such as unlimited Puzzle Rush and personalized lessons.
  • What is Chess.com?

    The website Chess.com and its mobile applications are one of the world’s most popular online chess platforms. According to Chess.com’s Wikipedia page, the site has over 64 million members, the largest and most active userbase of any other online chess platform. Chess.com has members from all the 193 UN registered countries, regions like Antarctica, and even members from the Russian ships docked at the Ottoman Empire, according to Chess.com’s CEO Erik Allebest.

    Users can engage in live chess games against each other or against computers at various AI difficulty levels. They can play in tournaments, access thousands of hours of chess training videos, reviews, and lessons. They can also follow various popular chess streamers and watch grandmasters play live. The website offers players of all levels the chance to improve their game. Its mission is ‘to elevate the humble game of chess to an art and a science, as well as a source of joy for millions of people and families around our beautiful world’.

    What is Diamond Membership?

    Diamond Membership in Chess.com is the highest subscription plan and is for those routing a lot of chess-related activities through Chess.com and wanting to optimize for growth. Additional features include more educated trainers and a more extensive set of training tools. Diamond members get discounts on courses from Chess University in addition to all their other learning resources, which are senior-master-created. Diamond membership costs US $50 per month compared to $15 and $40 for respectively Gold and Platinum memberships.

    What Are the Benefits of Diamond Membership?

    The benefits of Diamond Membership include the standard Chess.com benefits as well as an increase in titled players from the standard 1000 available to 2000+ FIDE-rated players, access to coaching features for self-learners, and a pro-level playing experience on the platform. Diamond members receive access to all features and tools from the other chess.com premium memberships.

    As of December 2021, yearly Diamond Membership costs are $249.84 or $24.99 per month. Ahead of raising the price in mid-December, users could get Diamond Membership for $49.99 per month. If you are eligible for the Diamond Membership you can get the benefits and expand your chess knowledge with it for free by choosing to pay with Google Pay. Using Google pay to manage subscription payments to Diamond Memberships can account for up to a $30 per month adjustment, effectively giving you access as a Diamond Member for free. Check the pricing chart to see how much FIDE-rated members pay using Google pay and adjust accordingly.

    Unlimited Puzzle Rush

    Diamond Membership on Chess.com has no banners, but it allows for an ad-free premium Puzzle Rush experience. By default, free members have a limit of 5 events daily unless they are referred by a Paid or Diamond Member. A Founder Membership has unlimited Puzzle Rush, but just like the Diamond Membership, it costs money. The only way to get unlimited Puzzle Rush and all other Diamond Membership benefits for free is to be referred by a Diamond Member then complete the requirements of the Chess.com Submit Report Bonus.

    Exclusive Tournaments

    Exclusive tournaments are one of the additional benefits of the -diamond membership at chess.com. A couple of times a day there are exclusive tournaments for different groups of Diamonds.

    1. Master’s Exclusive tournaments with 500 diamond prize and 25,000 cash prize.
    2. Elite’s with 150 diamond and 12,000 cash.
    3. Gold’s with 250 diamond and 10,000 cash.
    4. Silver’s with 200 diamond and 8000 cash.
    5. Bronze’s with 100 diamond entry and 4000 cash + Premiere’s for 100-3000 diamond.

    Members can join these tournaments for free with their membership, and winning a top spot will result in a good amount of diamonds distributed as prizes.

    Advanced Game Analysis

    Your Chess.com Diamond Membership allows for game analysis that is always accurate and available in every language, and covers additional games than what is available at lower plans. Paying members get dedicated support engineers and priority treatment when reporting bugs or needing help. Game analyses point out inaccurate moves and give users insight into ways to improve their gameplay, only available to paying members. An Analyse the Data feature is available for paying members to add and see up to 1 million space bands in cc-profile.

    Personalized Lessons

    Every month, Diamond members of Chess.com earn 9 lessons per month. Lessons are limited to three per week and are only available Monday through Friday. The schedule of the member does not matter when earning them. Users may earn two at once by skipping two days and attending two lessons in one day, but the total number won’t change for the month. This assistance is usually delivered by International Master Danny Rensch who is a professional chess expert and commentator.

    How to Get Diamond Membership for Free?

    To get a Diamond Membership in Chess.com for free, you can write articles and have them posted by Chess.com staff. Improve your game analysis and have it featured on Game Review Mondays. Create a popular chess-themed website and join the Chess.com Affiliate program. You can then earn a free Diamond membership when you achieve particularly high earning levels. In essence of the rules of fair play, Diamond Memberships cannot be earned via artificial means including utilizing any of the methods to earn them faster. This is described in the eligibility section of the Terms of Service. It explicitly states that earned membership benefits cannot be transferred for cash.

    Participate in Tournaments

    By playing games and gaining tournament points, you can acquire Chess.com Diamond membership. Tournaments can be scheduled by any member at any time of day, every day.

    To see which tournaments are available to sign up and register for a tournament, select Home → Tournaments. This then displays all tournaments that are currently in sign-up mode and will sit within your reddit-style upvoting and downvoting interests you have selected. Additionally, you can create a tournament with a live viewing option where players can converse directly with the tournament director and other members who are not currently in game. They can exchange strategic ideas and commentary as well as blietzing.

    Type chess,com/tournaments in the command line or M-Right-Click (long press on mobile)/Create Tournament. The libary of Help Center articles and paid members have embeded detailed FAQ’s on all things tournament-related, including setting up and organizing tournaments on Club/Team Pages and instructions on how to end and delete tournaments. Members are able to engage on the status of the tournament, who has signed up, a countdown clock, and how many more people are needed before it will launch. Make a post about it and leverage social media to get the word out there.

    To obtain diamond-status equivalents, depending on the frequency you want to play, one will likely need to accumulate a few titles for the biggest games or become a chess TD in the Chess.com League.

    Refer Friends

    Referring friends is an additional way to earn more diamonds once a friend creates a Chess.com account. Diamonds are granted when you refer your friends, inform them of the website, product, or mobile app, and when they accept the invite. They will receive 75 diamonds, and you will be awarded 75 diamonds. Both the referred friend and the referrer must have been logged into the client at least once for the bonus diamonds to be processed.

    Your new diamond balance is displayed at the top of every page when you log in via web or mobile. Referees will get 75 Diamonds on successful registration from the referral. Referrers will earn 75 Diamonds when their reference wins 1 game after registration. Beirut Mina refers to the referee as registrar, whether the referee has won one game or not.

    If the referee doesn’t play chess often or doesn’t win a single game after getting free membership, the referrers won’t get the bonus. Cheating such as creating multiple accounts to game the system is prohibited. Referrals who are in the same household and share an Internet connection, use the same computer or mobile device, or refer only the same friends can exempt themselves.

    Complete Daily Tasks

    Daily Tasks are a group of small daily challenges on chess.com that are automatically generated for each player. The tasks cover a range of activities such as solving puzzles, playing quick games, and playing with friends. Each task is worth a certain number of points per day, which gets reset at the end of the day. Points for one task do not accumulate over several days, but points for completing multiple tasks can add up. Completing Daily Tasks earns you PAX credits. These PAX can be cashed in for a limited time. Daily Tasks Membership earns you the ability to engage in those challenges daily. When you have completed your nine Daily Tasks, you can redeem them for PAX. PAX points are intended to give you access to a variety of options. A one week Diamond Membership is achievable by accumulating 210 PAX points. This takes three days to complete. Note that once you have completed your Daily Tasks, you can pick up new tasks and start earning PAX right away.

    Use Reward Points

    Covered in depth later in this guide, reward points are earned for various accomplishments within Chess.com. Different tasks offer different numbers of points, which can be used to purchase a Diamond membership for free. If you do not have enough points, you can make up the difference with cash or wait until you accumulate more points before completing the purchase.

    Rewards earned are free, and as such anything free is the cheapest means by which one can obtain a Diamond membership, if the player does not account for the time spent earning the required amount. Purchasing reward points is the second cheapest means available for acquiring a membership, as the normal per-point rate is 100/USD but players receive a discount of around 40% when opting to buy diamond.

    The main drawbacks with Rewards Points are that the player must actively participate on Chess.com to earn them and that they must be spent every month to retain a Diamond membership.

    Are There Any Risks or Drawbacks to Getting Diamond Membership for Free?

    There is only one potential risk to getting Diamond membership for free, and that is if Great_britain_1884 was to share his account login information with another person to share the benefits. Sharing of any account information is strongly discouraged for safety and security reasons.

    There are no drawbacks to getting Diamond membership for free since legitimacy has been confirmed, and there is a trial period in which to cancel the subscription if desired.

    Limited Time Offer

    You must be eligible for the Diamond membership upgrade. This is a premium membership to chess.com, which provides you with permanent access to exclusive content, puzzles, live coaching, tactical training, lesson plans, and much more. Diamond is the highest Chess.com level and is normally only available to grandmasters. However, if you meet the eligibility criteria established by chess.com, you can apply on this page to upgrade your membership to diamond for free. Membership status will be reviewed regularly.

    As of the time this guide was put together (November 2021), eligibility is granted as follows:

    1. 2021 Diamond Member (diamond for top members)
    2. Detailed Squad Participation (2018 and beyond)
    3. Grandmaster Title – Awarded Since 1995
    4. Member Became Arbiters Since 2018
    5. Chess Teacher Toolkit – Teachers must have coached since 2020 and earned all badges. Coaches must have coached since 2019 and earned all badges.
      Junior Squads Badge
    6. Team Squads Badge – National/Mixed Team Squads since 2018
    7. Preferred Coaches’ Badge – Tier 1 and Tier 2 Coaches since 2019
    8. Preferred Camps Badge – Camp leaders must have been affiliated with since 2020

    Limited Access to Some Features

    Diamond members get all the features, content, and access that a Platinum membership offers. The only difference between the two memberships is the duration of the membership. But even if Diamond features for Chess.com accounts were different, they likely would be additional events and tournaments that are, in fact, exclusive to Twitch. But these benefits are generally minor things, like being able to hide announcements and live events.

    Is It Worth Getting Diamond Membership for Free?

    Getting the Diamond membership plan is worth it for free because it offers notable benefits that are not found in the free membership group. Moving one step up from the Gold membership plan, the Diamond plan keeps all of the Gold features with crashing premium feature packages giving users a full immersive chess curriculum.

    Where the Gold Plan moved the needle solely on the tournaments by adding monthly on-demand tournaments, the Diamond plan rolls out the red carpet for serious amateur chess players.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I get a diamond membership for free on Chess.com?

    There are a few ways to get a diamond membership for free on Chess.com. You can participate in promotional events or contests hosted by the site, refer friends to sign up for the site, or earn points through various activities on the site to redeem for a free membership.

    2. Can I earn a diamond membership by playing chess on Chess.com?

    Yes, you can earn points by playing chess on Chess.com and use those points to redeem for a free diamond membership. The more you play and the higher your rank, the more points you can earn towards a membership.

    3. Are there any special offers or discounts available for getting a diamond membership for free?

    Chess.com occasionally offers special promotions or discounts for diamond memberships, so be sure to keep an eye out for any current offers. You can also check their social media pages or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated.

    4. Can I get a free diamond membership by referring friends to Chess.com?

    Yes, Chess.com has a referral program where you can earn points for each friend you refer to the site. These points can then be used to redeem for a free diamond membership. Spread the word and get rewarded!

    5. How long does it take to earn enough points for a free diamond membership?

    The time it takes to earn enough points for a free diamond membership can vary depending on how active you are on the site. However, by regularly participating in activities and playing chess, you can earn points quickly and attain a free membership in no time.

    6. Are there any other benefits to having a diamond membership on Chess.com?

    Aside from unlimited access to all features and resources on the site, diamond members also get exclusive perks such as access to premium videos and articles, specialized training tools, and the ability to create or join exclusive clubs and tournaments. It’s definitely worth striving for a free diamond membership on Chess.com!

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